District Advisory Committee

Interested in being part of this group? Only a limited number of spots are available. Indicate your interest below and we will get back to you.

District Advisory Committee

Lightspeed Systems recognizes the value of educational technology leaders sharing their knowledge, experience, and needs to help shape product development and keep our focus sharp. To leverage these insights, Lightspeed Systems has formed the Lightspeed Systems District Advisory Committee. It’s a small group of dedicated and passionate education advocates committed to helping up make a real impact in education.

As a Lightspeed Systems District Advisor, you are

  • a trusted advisor on the real-world integration of technology and learning
  • a passionate advocate for engaging and empowering schools and students through technology
  • a genuine, authentic voice sharing best practices to advance teaching and learning

What you can expect from us

  1. Acknowledgement. Acknowledgement as a leader who “gets” the potential for educational technology to improve learning.
  2. Influence. Ongoing collaboration with the Lightspeed Systems executive team to influence product development.
  3. Committee Meeting. The opportunity to share, connect, and collaborate at the annual Lightspeed Systems District Advisor Committee Meeting, a one-day event. Lightspeed Systems will pay for travel to and from the meeting; two nights lodging at the meeting location; and appropriate meals during the event.

What we’ll need from you

  1. Input. Input on the realities of integrating instructional technology into today’s learning environments and your own district’s experiences.
  2. Annual meeting participation. Attendance at and participation during the annual District Advisory Committee Meeting.
  3. Virtual meeting participation. Attendance at and participation in one or two short virtual meetings or conference calls throughout the year.
  4. Online discussions. Participation in online discussions, held through a My Big Campus group.