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Web Filter ›
Our scalable Web Filter solution ensures compliance, student safety, flexible policies, reporting, and access to valuable Web resources. Safety without overblocking.
Mobile Manager ›
Mobile devices are changing education, and Mobile Manager is changing the way you manage them. Multi-OS MDM, built for schools.
Classroom Orchestrator ›
Mobile devices in the classroom can engage students in learning like never before, but with a full class, monitoring that many devices can be a real challenge. Live screen monitoring + control in the classroom.

Manage your Windows Devices with ease.

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Perfectly balanced between IT and the classroom.

Network Admin  
  • ✓ Total network control
  • ✓ Device management
  • ✓ Elaborate reporting

  • ✓ Screen monitoring
  • ✓ Broadcast and control
  • ✓ Push apps and files
The control that IT needs, the simplicity required in the classroom. Learn more ›

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Bring all of your Lightspeed products together into a quick launch dashboard. Perfect for both IT and in the classroom. Learn more

Any Device. Every OS.