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Make Managing Mobile Devices as Simple as Using Them

Bring Your Own Device programs, 1:1 initiatives, and iPad rollouts are occurring at schools across the world—allowing educators to engage students and extend learning outside the walls of the classroom. In addition to the many benefits of mobile device programs, challenges exist for IT staff and teachers, including network safety, device maintenance, application rollouts, and classroom use.

Lightspeed Systems Mobile Device Management is the solution—providing IT staff with the tools necessary to keep students and the network safe and helping educators reach their mobile learning goals. With education-specific tools and hierarchical policy settings, the Lightspeed Systems MDM makes mobile device management simple, keeps devices and the network safe, and ensures mobile learning programs are successful.

Product Benefits

  • Delegate multiple levels of administration
  • Set policies at the school, classroom, group, and device level
  • Centralised management of device inventory, reporting, updates, and installs
  • Remote configuration, lock, and device wiping
  • Integration with the Apple Volume Purchasing Plan
  • Application deployment and device lockdown – able to be managed by both teachers and IT through My Big Campus
  • A central, easy to use cloud interface made specifically for education
  • Ability to force authentication
  • Restrictions on device and app use

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