What does learning mean to you?

Education is no longer just pencils and paper inside a brick and mortar classroom. It’s using search engines, YouTube videos and online encyclopedias to understand the world. Technology has revolutionised our classrooms, our thought processes and even our students.

It’s time to reimagine education. Let’s engage students in meaningful projects and create collaborative communities where every student has a voice. Let’s extend learning beyond walls and school bells in a way that turns daily activities into lessons with parents actively involved. Let’s listen to how and what they’re motivated to learn. Let’s inspire students to be proactive and excited about their education.


REimagine Filtering

Lightspeed Systems has reimagined content filtering. With the Rocket, inappropriate content is blocked, but education is allowed. This means access to tools, resources, and people that can make learning engaging and real.


REimagine VLE

My Big Campus reimagines the old format of online course management. With an emphasis on collaboration, creativity and parent involvement, online learning is no longer a linear track, but a dynamic and inspiring environment.


REimagine MDM

Lightspeed Systems MDM puts the right tools in the right hands to reimagine device management for safer and more efficient classrooms. With hierarchical policy settings, IT staff can empower teachers to manage the devices in their classrooms and reach their mobile learning goals.

Extend your classroom. Expand your possibilities.

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REimagine Mobile Devices in the Classroom (pdf, 6.3MB)

Discover more ways to reimagine education and transform the classroom with Lightspeed Systems Mobile Learning Essentials.

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