Meet the most powerful mobile device manager made for K12.

Inheritance & Hierarchy

Structured like your district. Apply and inherit policies with a smart hierarchy that works like your schools do.

Access learning anywhere, any time, from any device.

Multi-OS Support

Whether your school includes iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows 8, and more, we have you covered.

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Push apps, control policies, rollout or wipe devices, run reports with a few clicks on one intuitive interface.

Balanced Administration

Split management between IT and educators, so everyone has the visibility and control they need.

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"From the ground up, all of the feature sets and anything that's been coming from Lightspeed Systems has been directly related to schools and it's been fabulous." Henry Danielson, Coast Unified SD

Packed with Features

Multi-OS Support

OS agnostic to manage different types of devices all in one interface

Remote Configuration

Control all your devices remotely with the click of a button

SIS Integration

Automatically create users and groups

Tiered Administration

Balance management between IT and educators

Time-Based Policies

Allow different policies for in-school and after-school use

Hosted in the Cloud

SaaS solution makes it easy to set up and manage

BYOD Support

Allow students to use their own devices while keeping your network safe

User-Based Dashboards

Teachers, admins, and directors

Hierarchical Policies

Easily manage policies with a hierarchical structure that works the way schools work

Inventory and Reporting

Inventory made easy! Manage all of your devices and their software, plus run dynamic reports in real time

On/off Campus Policies

Control how flexible or strict policies need to be when devices leave the network

Centralized Management

Device inventory, reporting, updates, and installs — all in one spot

For a complete list of features download our feature checklist.

The Teacher Dashboard makes it easy to manage in the classroom!

Teachers can lock devices, see battery status, set policies, reset passwords and more in a click.

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In their words

“With Lightspeed Systems I got both: I saved money, and I got a solution that saves me time and reduces my IT headaches.”

Tom Hafemann, Campbellsport School District

“I just love the relationship that I have with Lightspeed. The way that they help us is changing the game and changing how we compute. It’s awesome.”

Henry Danielson, Coast Unified School District

“I love Lightspeed because it has definitely helped out with the content filtering. I no longer have to worry about where my students are going or what they are doing, because it has taken all the guesswork out of it.”

Justin Barham, Mildred Independent School District

“I love Lightspeed because they’ve helped me manage applications on our mobile devices and that’s relieved some headaches we’ve had in the past.”

Robert Pope, Kingman Unified School District

“Our over-reaction to filtering is one of the biggest problems. Which is why I happen to love Lightspeed.”

Alan November, November Learning