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An LMS should do more than just digitize curriculum. My Big Campus is the buzzing educational hub between a student and the Web. It’s a collaborative community built around a learning management system. My Big Campus safely brings together all the tools students and educators need and makes them easy to access and easy to share—so it’s easy and fun to learn.

What makes My Big Campus by Lightspeed Systems different?


A wide variety of standards-aligned lessons and resources that are easy to create, store, integrate, and share.


Manage devices and your class, report on all activity, and keep students safe and on-task as they learn.


Connect with a community of teachers and learners to share, collaborate, engage, and learn.


Pull together everything from text to videos, photos, and schoolwork to create ePortfolios and lessons while still allowing the flexibility of personalized learning.

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"I love My Big Campus because of the powerful potential it provides for students and teachers alike to become engaged in the learning process using real, meaningful 21st Century skills."

Charles Motter, Cumberland County Middle School

Packed with Features

Educational Resource Library

Browse, search, add, and share millions of standard-aligned multi-media items


Create, assign, and grade various types of assignments and give students the ability to manage their own work


Your online classroom for discussions, sharing, and more


The paperless hub for assignments, tests, and academic reporting.


Keep your events organized, plus export to your favorite calendar program

Academic Reporting

Generate reports on student and class progress to meet learning goals

Cloud File Storage

Upload and access all your files from anywhere—and keep users safe with skin-tone analysis

Safety 24/7

No anonymity, image scanning, and reporting keeps the environment safe and engaging


Collections of content that you can create, edit, publish, and share with students and educators

"If you want the best K-12 LMS on the market with robust features and a student and teacher experience that will exceed your expectations, My Big Campus is it."
Craig Weiss, eLearning 24/7


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We're here every step of the way -- to help you learn about My Big Campus, implement it, integrate it with your SIS to auto-populate accounts and classes, train your teachers, inform your parents, integrate it into your other programs, adjust pedagogy, and more.

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My Big Campus integrates with the rest of Mobile Learning Essentials so your LMS is a central hub for management and reporting.
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In their words

“With Lightspeed Systems I got both: I saved money, and I got a solution that saves me time and reduces my IT headaches.”

Tom Hafemann, Campbellsport School District

“I just love the relationship that I have with Lightspeed. The way that they help us is changing the game and changing how we compute. It’s awesome.”

Henry Danielson, Coast Unified School District

“I love Lightspeed because they’ve helped me manage applications on our mobile devices and that’s relieved some headaches we’ve had in the past.”

Robert Pope, Kingman Unified School District

“I love Lightspeed because it has definitely helped out with the content filtering. I no longer have to worry about where my students are going or what they are doing, because it has taken all the guesswork out of it.”

Justin Barham, Mildred Independent School District

“Our over-reaction to filtering is one of the biggest problems. Which is why I happen to love Lightspeed.”

Alan November, November Learning