Learn anywhere, anytime

If you don’t have a mobile learning program yet, you probably will soon. (And you probably already have BYOD devices used throughout your district, whether you admit it or not.)

Learning is increasingly online, anytime and anywhere. It happens by watching a video or reading an article, then sharing it, then discussing it with peers; it happens by searching, and sorting through the results to discern truth from fiction and then form your own beliefs; it happens when you pull out your mobile device to read the news while you’re waiting for your lunch. That’s the way it happens for us, and that’s the way it increasingly happens for our students. It’s time to embrace mobile learning.

We’ve worked with a lot of districts with various types of mobile learning programs, and the key to success are:

  • Safety/filtering of mobile devices
  • Device management
  • A mobile-friendly LMS
  • Services to help with deployment, configuration, and professional development

Thinking about BYOD?

Thinking about 1:1?