7 Reasons My Big Campus is Better

Looking for an LMS? Try this next-generation solution made just for K12.

Additional Resource Videos

A couple of things we like: fun videos and testimonials from industry leaders. We think you'll like them too.

  • Introducing Classroom Orchestrator

    Meet the challenges of keeping kids on task and engaged when using mobile devices in the classroom.

  • High Hopes

    Teachers, administrators, parents, students. We all have high hopes — and we can reach them.

  • Amazing Things

    What happens when kids start connecting and collaborating on school work? Amazing things!

  • Mobile Learning Essentials in the Classroom

    What could happen with Mobile Learning Essentials in a classroom? The possibilities are endless. www.lightspeedsystems.com/mobile-learning-essentials/

  • In the Cloud

    Forget backpacks. Books, assignments, calendars, resources—they’re all in the cloud.

  • Kevin Honeycutt Comes to Campus

    We’ll excuse Kevin for saying we’re weird since he also says we “get it.” (And because he may be right.)

  • Alan November on Lightspeed Systems

    Wonder why would the ed-tech guru would partner with a filtering company? Just watch.

  • This is Learning

    Education is ready for the technology revolution that has transformed every other industry.

Product Overview Videos

Some top testimonials, because our customers can always say it better than we can.

  • Paso Robles Filters with a Rocket

    Thinking about BYOD? Hear from someone who’s done it, safely and effectively.

  • Santa Lucia Manages Its iPads

    An iPad roll-out can bring some management challenges, but a certain MDM helped Santa Lucia meet them.

  • An Inside Look at My Big Campus

    It’s not like those other solutions. Take it from some people who know My Big Campus inside and out.

Product Videos

When it comes to our solutions, sometimes you have to see it to believe it.

  • Seamless Integration

    Classroom Orchestrator and My Big Campus – Together, it’s smart management for learning and your classroom.

  • Mobile Manager – Manage in a Click

    With Mobile Manager, controlling student devices, turning off cameras, and pushing content is easy.

  • 7 Reasons My Big Campus is Better

    Looking for an LMS? Try this next-generation solution made just for K12.

  • Mobile Learning Essentials, Explained

    What happens when you bring filtering, device management, and learning management together?

  • Web Filter, Explained

    The Lightspeed Systems Web Filter is made just for education and designed to end over-blocking and promote safe access–on any size network and any device.

  • My Big Campus, Explained

    Part social network, part learning platform, part classroom management—but all safe, and all for schools.

  • Mobile Manager, Explained

    Mobile devices are throughout your school (whether you want to admit it or not). It’s time to manage them.

  • Power Management

    There’s a really easy way to save money (and the environment): automated power management.

  • Rocket, Explained

    It’s a filter; it’s a spam blocker; it’s a Rocket: your key to safe learning.

Testimonial Videos

When our customers speak, we listen. Watch and you'll see why.

  • What does it take for a successful 1:1?

    Northlake Christian School uses Mobile Learning Essentials to filter, manage, and learn with iPads.

  • Web Filter Testimonials

    Get the story on the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter straight from the people who use it every day in their schools.

  • Yukon Public Schools

    Yukon Public Schools in OK blends technology and curriculum to engage students.

  • Why My Big Campus?

    For the collaboration, the safety, the blogging, assignments, storage, mobile learning, and lots more.

  • Blended Learning at Conneaut

    Sometimes you have to think outside of the classroom walls to keep students. That’s why Conneaut went Cyberschool.

  • Write On!

    Collaborative writing: just one more amazing thing you can do with My Big Campus.

  • An Internet Driver’s License?

    My Big Campus user and coach Shawn Slaton makes a case for teaching students to “drive” online.