Make smarter, data-driven decisions

Drive ROI, adoption, compliance and effectiveness.

Maximize your technology budget

It’s estimated that 67% of ed-tech licenses purchased by schools are not even in use, amounting to billions of dollars wasted. Make the most of your ed-tech budget with actionable, detailed reporting on usage across your schools.

Drive Adoption

Pinpoint groups or users with low adoptions of key resources to target training and professional development.

See Everything

Identify unused or redundant licenses and their related costs to minimize waste and maximize ROI.

Maintain data privacy compliance

Spot out-of-compliance or rogue applications and see their privacy and data security details.

Track trends

See what tools are trending up or down in adoption and engagement.

Get answers to all your pressing questions

With Analytics powered by Relay, schools will be able to answer their toughest questions:

Is what we’re paying for actually being used?

Which classes are integrating technology most fully?

How is adoption of educational technology tools progressing?

Have we implemented redundant tools that present an opportunity for cost-savings?

Have teachers implemented applications that violate privacy policies?

Analytics is part of the complete Relay platform, bringing you the most actionable insights on your ed-tech programs.

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