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IT cost savings

Technology adoption

Student data privacy

Integration and ROI

Redundant and rogue apps

Maximize your technology budget

It’s estimated that 67% of ed-tech licenses purchased by schools are not even in use, amounting to billions of dollars wasted. Make the most of your ed-tech budget with actionable, detailed reporting on usage across devices on and off campus.

Drive Adoption

Pinpoint groups or users with low adoptions of key resources to target training and professional development.

Analytics Product Screen Shot
Analytics Product Screen Shot

See Everything

Identify unused or redundant licenses and their related costs to minimize waste and maximize ROI.

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Maintain data privacy compliance

Spot out-of-compliance or rogue applications used in the classroom and for remote learning to view their privacy and data security details.

Analytics Product Screen Shot
Analytics Product Screen Shot

Track trends

See what tools are trending up or down in adoption and engagement.

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Granular reporting

Drill down details on each individual app, software, or online resource to show what classes, groups, or schools are utilizing it

Cost and ROI reports

Analysis of cost and ROI of all software, apps, and paid resources

Comprehensive dashboard

Combines all traffic whether it's on network or at home, on an app or a browser, into a single view

License usage reports

Reporting on used/unused licenses for software, app, and online resources

Usage tracking

Adoption and engagement analysis for apps, software, and, online resources

Data privacy & security analysis

Analysis of app, software, resource compliance with data privacy and security policies

And More...

Cannot be removed by end user

Install and set up without end user interaction

Does not require hardware

Works across Mac, Chrome, Windows, and iOS devices

Shareable via secure link

Share links can be set to expire

Reports on app and application

Works in every browser

The Lightspeed Platform

We built our platform from the ground up to work the same way schools and districts work. With a centralized directory integration and delegated administrations, Lightspeed has the most powerful platform.