Monitor Students' Screens

Be in control من الطلاب" online activity and student progress with إدارة الفصل الدراسي Lightspeed.

Monitor student screens to keep them on track

With so many student devices and diverse remote learning plans to track at once, teachers can struggle to keep classes focused and engaged. That’s why إدارة الفصل الدراسي Lightspeed provides teachers with the tools they need—such as monitoring their students’ screens—to keep students focused and engageد في تعليم على الانترنت, even in remote settings.

screenshot of blocking site categories for students

View all students’ screens at once

Monitor your full class إلى enبالتأكيد they’re on track وorking on their assigned lessons. مع ال Screens View, educators get the full picture on classroom activity—in real time—to see exactly what every student is working on and easily identify students who are off task or may be falling behind. Teachers can also collapse the left navigation panel to see more طالب علم screens at once و quickly drag and drop الطلاب" screens into differentiated student groups designed to receive customized lessonس أو restrictions.

Manage an individual student’s online activity

For students who are off task or need personalized attention, teachers have all the tools needed to tend إلى that student’s specific needs. Click on an individual student’s screen or name to get a closer look at what the student is viewing in real time. This view is perfect for students ذلك need help understanding learning concepts أو بحاجة إلى أ handsعلى walk-through. Teachers can also سee the student’s open tabs, close رhe tabs they shouldn’t have open, and message students directly to send them praise or provide more help. 

student screen screenshot in Lightspeed Classroom Management
male teacher standing in front of classroom holding iPad

Share your own screen

Create a more engaging learning environment أثناء full-class participation. تيeachers can lock all students’ screens and then share their own screen إلى bring الكل eyes to ال "front" of the classroom. This keeps teachers from being tied to their desks and allows هم إلى walk around the classroom سواء، ما اذا in-person or virtually.

Share a student's screen

Sharing students’ شاشةس يصنع جlassroom صresentation Day سهل. Actively support collaborative learning by sharing a student’s screen to the full class. With a simple click, all students can see an individual student’s شاشة on their own device which is perfect for virtual learning, و it also keeps الطلاب from having to huddle over a peer’s device في حين in person. 

student standing in front of classroom giving presentation
screenshot of student playing game during classtime

Take action on live screen views

Lightspeed Classroom Management not only provides multiple live screen views of student screens, but also actionable tools for educators. Notice a pattern of off-task student behavior? Teachers can quickly record online activity for later documentation. Alternatively, examples of exemplary student activity may also be recorded and easily broadcast to other students’ screens to inspire هم peers.

أنظمة Lightspeed® provides educators the tools they need to keep students focused and engaged in online learning

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