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We Love Teachers — So We Gave Them Smarter Classroom Management

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It’s Teacher Appreciation Day! One day isn’t enough for these classroom heroes, so here are some of the ways we show appreciation for teachers every day.

1. The best classroom management solution

With our new Classroom, classroom management is easier and smarter than ever. Classroom was designed with feedback from teachers and schools to liberate teachers from their desks, increase engagement, and simplify classroom management in a room full of students on devices.

2. Time-saving insights

The last thing a teacher needs is to sit at a desk watching student screens or activity scrolling across her monitor – trying to figure out who’s on task, who needs help, and who’s distracted. Classroom’s AI-based insights take care of all this, alerting teachers to only the things they need to worry about.

3. Features that engage

Part of effective classroom management is keeping students engaged in lessons. That’s why Classroom includes broadcast, allowing teachers and students to share their screens with the rest of their classes. It also has simplified teacher-student messaging for quick communication that doesn’t disrupt other students in the classroom.

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4. Features that control

Another key part of effective classroom management is keeping students from being distracted by the internet at their fingertips. That’s why Classroom includes a feature called Zones, allowing teachers to temporarily lock down student access to just one website or a group of websites. Teachers can also lock student devices — just one or every device in the classroom — to get eyes up-front.

5. Helpful tech at no additional cost

School budgets are tight – but we shouldn’t let that hold back our teachers. So Classroom is included at no cost with Relay, our multi-OS cloud filter.

6. Simple, quick teacher training courses

We have everything teachers need to be successful with tech — training courses, quick-start guides, and more — in Teacher U.

See why teachers are saying, “Awesome,” “Amazing software!” and “Cheaters, beware!” Check out Classroom today and attend our free webinar, Wednesday, May 9, 11 AM CDT!

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