The Data You Need for 1:1 Success

Can you answer these questions about your ed-tech program?

  • What programs and apps are most used? Least used?
  • Which classes use our LMS the most?
  • How much money are we spending on licenses that are never used?
  • What key educational resources are under-utilized?
  • What apps and software do we need to plan professional development for?
  • Did previous PD sessions increase adoption and engagement?
  • What rogue apps have users across the district implemented outside of IT?
  • What tools are in use throughout our schools that violate student data privacy best practices?

The answers to these questions can drive smarter decisions, higher ROI, and greater ed-tech success.

Recent studies suggest that 67% of purchased ed-tech licenses are unused, resulting in millions of wasted dollars. Make every ed-tech dollar count with Analytics powered by Relay.

Learn more:

  1. Watch the webinar – View “The Data-Driven District” with Debbie Karcher, former CIO of Miami Dade County Schools.
  2. Learn more – Read about our new solution, Analytics powered by Relay, with this PDF.
  3. Request a demo or quote – Find out how Analytics can help your school.
  4. Contact us – Send us an email.

Relay Analytics is the latest addition to the complete Relay platform, which provides end-to-end filtering, management, monitoring, safety, and reporting on every device.

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