Relay is now Lightspeed Filter™ – Filtering for BYOD & IoT

Last week we announced the release of Rocket, the latest addition to Lightspeed Filter™.

What is it?

The Lightspeed Rocket turns your standard DNS server into a Smart Agent to filter any network traffic that doesn’t have a Smart Agent installed. This could be BYOD, guest, IoT, or older devices.

With Rocket, all that traffic is filtered with Lightspeed’s powerful policies and incorporated into actionable reports in Lightspeed Filter. With the Rocket, Lightspeed Filter provides end-to-end filtering for all devices and traffic on a school network — without the need for hardware.

What makes it better than other solutions?

  • It doesn’t require any specialized hardware; it can even be virtualized
  • Rocket offers authentication with AD, O365 or Google so your policies and reports can be tied to actual users
  • Multiple virtual Rockets can be used to provide differentiated policies
  • Rocket supports RADIUS integration
  • Rocket seamlessly integrates with policies and reports in Lightspeed Filter
  • All policies and reports tie back to Lightspeed Filter, for a single unified interface
  • It doesn’t require a separate network or special network configuration
  • It works seamlessly with Smart Agents without double-filtering, allowing the agents to filter traffic from devices with them installed
  • It relies on our Lightspeed Filter policies, database, and reports – which are the best solution available

How do I get it?

Lightspeed Filter continues to deliver innovative solutions to the toughest filtering challenges schools face — from YouTube to SSL to student safety and now, with the Rocket, BYOD Filtering!

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