Find Out How Students Are Using Key Resources With New Report

How are your students spending time online? Are they fully engaged in your LMS or not logging in often enough to justify the cost? Do they use YouTube to watch educational videos or dangerous, violent content?

With Lightspeed Filter (formerly Relay), all this information is at your fingertips. Relay’s Internet Overview report, now in beta, shows you how important web resources are utilized on your network and allows you to drill in for more information on URLs, users and groups. These new tools make Relay an even more powerful asset for measuring ROI on software and devices.

Not only does the Internet Overview report give you more information and context about your network, it’s actionable, too. It’s easier than ever to understand what content your students consume; judge how relevant or safe that content is for students; and block or recategorize it, if necessary, in seconds.

Let’s take a look at the powerful new tools in Relay’s Internet Overview report.

1. Use Activities to better understand network activity and measure ROI.

Find Internet Overview in the Reports drop-down menu on the left navigation. Underneath the web traffic graph view, you see Top Activities, a breakdown of web usage by “activity” (i.e., a category or group of categories). Click View All to see Activities in list view.

In Activities, you can measure activity on any URLs, group of URLs or domains by creating a custom activity for just that traffic.

Now, you have an easy, measurable way of tracking ROI on web apps like your LMS. How many users and visits does your LMS see in a typical day? Which groups or classes spend the most time there? With Activities, you get fast answers to those questions.

From Activities, click on any activity (e.g. Mature, Social Media, Education) to see a detailed overview of that traffic, including activity by groups and individual users.

2. Know exactly what students are watching on YouTube — and block harmful videos instantly — with YouTube Overview.

Let’s take a look at an activity overview you’ll find particularly helpful: the YouTube Overview, shown below.

Click into the Top Videos widget and see names — not just URLs — of the videos your students have watched. If you click on a video name, you can review the video by watching it yourself; visit the link in YouTube; see which user viewed it, and how many times they did; and even block the video with the click of a button.

3. Quickly recategorize domains in Websites Visited.

Through the Top Websites widget (in your Internet Overview or in individual category overviews), it’s easy to recategorize websites in just a few clicks. Click into Top Websites to get a list view of Websites Visited (see below).

Each URL shows its corresponding category. To quickly make a change to a URL’s category, click into that URL to open a new page. Click Recategorize and select the appropriate category from a drop-down menu of choices.

4. Get insights on popular search terms with Search Overview.

Relay has always given school IT a detailed view into students’ search terms. Our new Search Overview gives more detailed insight on search activity with two key features. In the Top Searches widget (below), you see the top allowed and blocked search terms during whatever time period you specify (e.g., the past week). What’s new is the Trending widget on the bottom left, where you can see popular search terms from just the past 24 hours. Also new is the graph view at the top of the page, which shows number of searches; number of blocked searches; average number of searches per person; and most active time of day.

Relay customers, learn more about the Internet Overview report here.

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