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5 Tips from IT for Easier Remote Learning

By Amy Bennett | May 12, 2020

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A student using a tablet at home while doing remote learning

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Update on Google Encrypted Search

Google has recently announced that providing this service is not something they can continue; they are replacing the non-encrypted servers with encrypted servers that always enforce safe search. Read More

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The Data You Need for 1:1 Success

Recent studies suggest that 67% of purchased ed-tech licenses are unused, resulting in millions of wasted dollars. Make every ed-tech dollar count with Analytics powered by Relay. Read More

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Do Tumblr’s New Policies Make It Appropriate for K-12 Schools?

Until recently, many schools blocked Tumblr due to its adult material. Now, administrators, teachers and students — many of whom have used Tumblr for entertainment, networking and as an educational resource in the classroom — may be wondering whether they can safely use Tumblr at school again. Read More