The One Thing Your Chromebook Initiative Needs

Students with iPads at school standing in front of lockers
Implementing a one-to-one Chromebook program may be the biggest project your IT department will ever oversee — and it’s up to you to make sure it’s worth the time and money your school district has invested. The Google Management Console is a great start, but you need more than a mobile device management solution to make this initiative work; you also need CIPA-compliant content filtering, powerful activity reporting, classroom monitoring, and device location features, to name just a few. By giving IT and teachers the proper tools, you can maximize the ROI and educational value of Chromebooks. Learn how by joining our webinar “Doing More With Your Chromebooks” this Thursday, June 15, at 11 AM CDT. We’ll talk about the most common challenges of K-12 Chromebook initiatives and how to solve them with Lightspeed Systems Relay for Chrome, including:
  • Your options for giving students safe access to YouTube
  • How to identify and prevent threats to student safety
  • Tracking down lost or stolen devices
  • Giving teachers more power over devices in the classroom
  • And much more
Register now for this information-packed hour so you can head into the fall semester with confidence. (If you’re not available this Thursday, go ahead and register anyway — you’ll receive a recording of the webinar when it’s over so you can watch and learn at your leisure.) In the meantime, watch the video to learn more about what Relay can do for your district.

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