5 Ways to Prep Student iPads During the Summer Break

Very young student using Ipad during summer break

While your students are enjoying summer vacation, we know you’re hard at work prepping for the new school year. It’s great to have this time to recharge and get devices ready for a a fresh set of faces.

But the process of setting up those devices can seem daunting. Summer break isn’t long when you have hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of devices and a growing to-do list. The challenge you face can be a major time investment for you and your teams. But you can use this critical time wisely while students are out of school.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you prep your school or district’s Apple iPads for the 2017-2018 school year using Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager.

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1. Set up Apple Classroom
Mobile Manager began supporting Apple Classroom earlier this year, and now’s a great time to set it up for the new school year!
Apple Classroom is a powerful teaching assistant tool and Mobile Manager makes it easy to integrate it in your iPad environment.
Learn more about setting up Apple Classroom here.

2. Mass wipe, update and deploy/revoke apps on devices
We’re excited to tell you about some new and upcoming features to Mobile Manager that will make it even easier to manage your iPads on a mass scale.
Mobile Manager customers are now able to mass wipe a whole group, school or district at one time, allowing you to restore devices faster than ever.

In July, we’re rolling out another mass iPad management feature: mass updating. You’ll have the ability to push app updates to a whole group in just one click.
Later this summer, you can expect another new feature to Mobile Manager for iPads: mass app deploy and revoke. Get your app licenses in place and ready to use with this new tool!

3. Set up students and teachers to access apps (without bugging IT)

Time is money, and we work hard to create solutions that preserve IT’s resources. How many requests have you received from teachers and students to gain access to apps for schoolwork? It’s time-consuming for you and also a burden to your teachers and students, who need quick access to those apps for continued learning.
To that end, our new Mobile Manager Self-Service Portal has just been released to customers! Through this portal, IT will have the ability to create approved app lists for unique groups. Now, students and teachers can access the apps they need without IT intervention.
Interested in seeing what other developments are on our product roadmap? Check out the Dev Hub for updates.

4. Configure your WiFi Whitelist
We roll out feature releases all the time across all our solutions. This month, we added the ability to restrict iOS devices to use only WiFi networks configured from Mobile Manager or Apple Configurator.
Read more about this WiFi Whitelist restriction here.

5. Organize iOS screen layouts
Keeping student devices organized sets up students for success. We’ve all encountered devices that are poorly organized, and this makes it difficult for students to quickly access the tools they need in the classroom.

Released this month, Mobile Manager’s iOS screen layout feature gives you the ability to determine the layout of students’ docks and home screens.

Check out how to keep students’ iPads and other iOS 9.3+ devices effectively organized here.

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