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Protecting Privacy: Lightspeed Systems Overview

Everyone in education is talking about student data privacy these days. As CoSN says in their Privacy Toolkit, “It is critical that leaders in education, industry and policy find ways to ensure student privacy, while continuing to encourage innovative uses of technology and student data.” They advise schools to develop data privacy policies and to ensure that any vendors providing services to them adhere to those policies and meet federal regulations for protecting student data privacy.

We agree. And we want to help with that. So we have created Protecting Privacy: Lightspeed Systems Overview. This new document outlines our data privacy and security practices and provides answers to the questions schools should ask any service providers handling or managing student data.

Privacy will continue to be a concern for schools, and we will continue to adjust this document and our data privacy and security policies to keep up with the latest technologies, the services we provide, and the issues that emerge for education.

  • Lightspeed Systems is a sponsor of CoSN’s Protecting Privacy initiative.
  • Our solutions are FERPA, COPPA, CIPA, and HIPAA compliant.
  • Our Privacy Policy is publicly posted on our web site(s).

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