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Student Data Privacy:
It Matters and What We are Doing About It

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In 2014, student data privacy became a prime concern for global education. You know this and we know this. And we took it seriously. That is why we responded by enacting transparent and comprehensive data privacy policies:

Protecting Privacy: Lightspeed Systems Overview (Protecting Privacy) outlines our data privacy and security practices and provides answers to the questions schools should ask any service providers handling or managing student data.

Recently reviewed and accepted by the Future of Privacy Forum, a Washington D.C. based organization committed to the advancement of responsible data privacy practices, Protecting Privacy outlines our pledge to the privacy and security of our customers, including our promise that data shared and collected remains private and protected.  Protecting Privacy also includes an overview of our data collection, storage, access, and retention procedures—all in place to limit the collection of personal student and staff information to that which is only necessary to utilize Lightspeed Systems products and services.

We are also excited about being recently accepted as a Signatory on the Student Privacy Pledge, a worldwide pledge of leading educational technology providers.

“Student data privacy is so critical. For schools, for parents, for students, for us,” says VP of Global Operations and Privacy Officer, John Genter. “Protecting Privacy makes our policies and stance on data privacy transparent and is just another step in Lightspeed Systems truly partnering with schools to safely connect students, teachers, resources, and technology.”

Lightspeed Systems is a sponsor of CoSN’s Protecting Privacy Initiative. The company’s solutions are FERPA, COPPA, CIPA, and HIPAA complaint.

Protecting Privacy: Lightspeed Systems Overview is publicly posted.

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