How Santa Fe is Turning Data into Innovative Strategy and Fresh Collaboration with Lightspeed Analytics™

Santa Fe Public Schools, like most school districts, has a vast amount of instructional, financial, and operational data they leverage to inform decisions. However, when it came time to start refreshing the devices that support the district’s 1:1 initiative, they realized they were missing one critical piece of the puzzle—usage data.

“We were at the end of our five-year capital election cycle and heading into a new five-year cycle,” explained Dr. Tom Ryan, Santa Fe’s Chief Information and Strategy Officer. “We needed a way to assess the program’s effectiveness, but didn’t have access to the quantitative data we needed to do so.”

Dr. Ryan had the following questions:

  • How and how often are we using our investments – are we using them at all?
  • What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI)?
  • What is the Return On Investment (ROI)?

After some research, his team found a solution—data analytics software for K-12.

CatchOn® [Lightspeed Analytics] has allowed us to have a conversation with the instructional side of the house about what they’re using and why.

Dr. Tom Ryan, Chief Information and Strategy Officer, Santa Fe Public Schools

Deploying Lightspeed Analytics, an expansive data analytics tool, Dr. Ryan and his team quickly attained the visibility and usage data they needed to give detailed answers to those questions. But that was just the beginning …

Sparking Transformative Conversations

After seeing his data come to life and converted into actionable insights via Lightspeed Analytics’ dashboards, Dr. Ryan and his team have successfully wielded this information to drive collaboration between the district’s technology and instruction departments.

Since the tool tracks the usage of each application, Santa Fe’s technology team can work with instructors to identify and eliminate failing resources and consolidate investments.

Better still, since the collaborations Lightspeed Analytics empowers are ongoing, the district can respond quickly to evolving needs. “Partnering with the instructional team, we can decide together what metrics we want to use to determine performance and success,” Dr. Ryan went on. “As a result, we get unprecedentedly early access to results district-wide.”

These new dialogues, however, aren’t limited to those between the Chief Information and Strategy Officer and the instructional team. Rather, Dr. Ryan and his team now have the data they need to create concise status reports for Santa Fe’s superintendent and to collaborate with the professional development team about teacher success. The result is a district that, more than ever before, is working hand in hand to produce positive outcomes for the Santa Fe community, one of which is receiving a boost in funding where it’s needed most.

The more the district turns budgeting into data-driven strategy, the more certain it can be that they’re maximizing the impact of each investment.

Santa Fe Public Schools is taking advantage of all the new opportunities edtech has brought to their community. By marrying quantifiable data to qualified analysis, the district is creating cross-departmental collaborations and opening a new world of possibilities to students.

With CatchOn [Lightspeed Analytics], we’re now able to allocate funds even more strategically. When budget season comes, we’re going to have the data required to identify real needs and put money where it’ll better serve the students.

Dr. Tom Ryan, Chief Information and Strategy Officer, Santa Fe Public Schools
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