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St. Herbert’s RC Primary School Remote Learning with Lightspeed Filter™

St Herbert’s RC Primary School in Oldham wanted to give their students the best opportunities for learning with digital technology. Many students began using school-owned iPad in classrooms and to continue learning at home. Protection Anywhere Susan Milligan is the

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Bibb County Public Schools proactively identify students at risk for self-harm or violence using Lightspeed Systems® and Microsoft Teams®

With so many options for online activity—social media, online docs, email, YouTube, apps, browsers, search engines, and more—school districts face an enormous challenge in achieving the visibility needed to ensure student safety.   Serving 22,000 students and 4,000 staff members, Bibb County

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United Learning Trust Keep Devices Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

United Learning Trust is the largest multi-academy trust in the UK with 75 primary and secondary academies and a further 15 independent schools. Dave Munro has worked as a Senior Technology Specialist at United Learning for 18 months, helping to

Osseo Public Schools Save Thousands of Dollars by Identifying Unused Ed-Tech Licenses with Lightspeed Systems®

K-12 schools have to spend their budget very wisely, across multiple spaces, with very little room for negotiation. A small portion of that annual spend goes toward technology, making ROI and maximum adoption of purchased applications crucial. With 21,000 students,

Polk County Schools Get Up and Running in 2 days with Lightspeed Systems®; Lauds Incredibly Fast Implementation

The Challenge When COVID-19 shut down K-12 campuses nationwide, Polk County Schools found themselves with very little time to deploy a safe, scalable remote learning solution. While they had an on-campus web filter running, they needed a solution that would keep students

Numerous Students’ Lives Saved with Lightspeed Systems®

Everyone is feeling the strain of shutdowns caused by COVID-19, especially the Nation’s K-12 students. Students are learning from home, isolated from their friends and classmates, and with no end to this pandemic in sight, are experiencing increased feelings of

Lightspeed Systems® Keeps Nye County School District Safe and Secure

Nye County School District serves over 5,000 students across 17 schools in Nevada. Like many K-12 IT employees, Director of Technology Robert Williams is part of a relatively small staff — at Nye, just four employees — with a wide variety

Lightspeed Filter™ Saves the Day With Hassle-Free Off-Site Filtering and Powerful Reporting

Not all cloud content filters are created equal. That’s what Director of Technology Justin Dover learned when he deployed Securly at Harpeth Hall School in Nashville, Tennessee. After a few too many speed bumps, Justin left Securly in favor of another cloud

Glenns Ferry School District Protects Students with Lightspeed Systems® for Its Chromebooks

Glenns Ferry School District in Idaho knows a lot about doing more with less. They have limited funding for new technology and a small IT staff, but recognize the benefits of technology: getting devices into students’ hands will let them easily

Webster Central School District Increases Accurate Reports by 30% with Lightspeed Systems®

Webster Central School District serves over 8,000 students, 1,800 faculty members, and has been a true 1:1 since 2017. As any K-12 Tech professional knows, initiating, operating, and scaling a true 1:1 where every student takes home a device is no