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Cheating Prevention

Block access to cheating web sites and monitor for suspicious behavior.

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Keep students honest with tools to
monitor for and prevent cheating

Cheating is a common concern in schools today, made easier by access to technology right at a student’s fingertips. Fortunately that same technology can help prevent cheating.

Block sites known for cheating

Relay’s education-specific database includes a category of sites known for cheating and plagiarism so you can prevent the problem proactively.

Lock down sites during testing

With Relay Classroom, teachers can temporarily lock students to just a site or a few sites. This is a great tool to keep students focused (and not cheating) during assessments and assignments.

Monitor student activity

From screen monitoring to web activity reports to AI monitoring of typed content across any site, Relay is full of features that keep students on track, and help you know when they’re engaging in inappropriate activity.

The complete Relay platform has critical features to help schools prevent cheating and plagiarism.

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With Lightspeed you can:

Filter on and off-campus

Decrypt SSL without proxy

Manage Win, Mac, iOS, Chrome devices

Delegate administration and policies

Allow teachers to monitor in real-time

Protect from cyberbullying and self-harm

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