Simple Tools for Classrooms

When it comes to using devices during classtime - every second counts. Teachers need tools that will work with simplicity and speed. Lightspeed has created the tool for you.

Balance the needs of IT with Teachers
It can be challenging to give IT the power to setup and maintain devices while empowering teachers to control their classroom instruction. Lightspeed has been serving the needs of education for over 17 years and we understand what it takes to turn technology into learning.
IT Controls
Teacher Tools
Total Network Control Timed Policies
Device Management Video Library
OTA Configuration Class device monitoring
Complete reporting One-click content push
Classroom Orchestrator

Monitor and control your student's screens. Learn more.

Launch Dashboard
Free with all our products
The launch dashboard is a quick way for you to access all your favorite Lightspeed solutions. + Admin + Teacher versions + Admin user/group tools + Campus Library
Classroom Tools - Launch Dashboard

Mobile Manager

With timed policies you can temporarily control your student devices, as well as get a snapshot of device health and push web content instantly to all devices.

Web Filter

With the web filter you are able to set temporary allow/block lists. Very handy when you need to restrict to testing websites or when you want to open a URL that is typically blocked.

Campus Library

Quickly add videos, URLs, and files to a universal “whitelist” and leverage the power of educator crowd sourced materials. Upload, browse, link , and push content with ease.

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