Intelligent Classroom Management


Key Features of Classroom

Automated Teacher Assistance

Teachers need to know what’s happening on student devices, but they can’t be tied to their desks in order to monitor them. Lightspeed’s classroom management app lets teachers roam the room and get notified of unusual activity.

  • Easy info, messaging, insights, and access controls
  • Find out who’s distracted or lost

Immediate Insights

Our classroom management app has the smarts to know when students are off-task. Classroom leverages our priceless trove of student-browsing data to zero in on unusual browsing activity, notifying teachers in real time.

  • The things you need to pay attention to are automatically surfaced
  • Easily see who may be off track

At-a-Glance Activity Overview

Classroom doesn’t just let teachers zero in on individual students. With our classroom management, teachers get the big picture of what’s going on in their classes.

  • Get an aggregate view of real-time student web activity with favicons
  • Sort students into lists — “working,” “need help” or “done” — to judge task progress
  • Identify which students are visiting the most or fewest websites

Web Zones

Students need to get online with their devices, but the web has limitless distractions. With Classroom Zones, teachers can give students access to only the websites that matter for instruction.

  • Restrict student web access to a specific site or selection of sites
  • Automatically release students from zones when task is complete

Screen Viewing and Recording

Need to drill into a student’s browsing activity? No problem. Teachers can use Classroom to view any student’s device screen in real time.

  • Record activity to share with administrators, parents
  • Pull students’ browsing histories and most-visited sites

Easy Communication With Students

Classroom lets teachers keep instruction moving while ensuring no one gets left behind. With our classroom management app, teachers can discreetly and quickly chat and check in with students.

  • Get status updates from students on their progress
  • Send canned messages (e.g., “Need help?” “Are you done?”) to student screens
  • Get yes-or-no replies from students

Device Controls

Give teachers the power to start and stop instruction. Lightspeed’s classroom management app lets them share content with their classes and lock screens when necessary.

  • Send links to automatically open browser tabs with your content
  • Lock devices to get eyes upfront or prevent misbehavior

Classroom Interface

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Classroom for Chrome is available now. Mac and Windows pilots starting soon!