Cloud Filtering Is Taking Over Education — Here’s Why

With so many essential school services — directories, apps, and more — hosted in the cloud, schools are turning to cloud filtering to take advantage of its scalability, seamlessness, security and flexibility.

But not all cloud filtering solutions are created equal, and school administrations have legitimate concerns about moving from appliances to cloud filtering. Will a cloud filter cover BYOD and guest devices? Will it keep school devices safe off the network? Will downtime be an issue? Will switching to cloud filtering be too expensive?

Download the Lightspeed Systems guide to cloud filtering in education to learn:

· The benefits of switching to the cloud
· The challenges that keep schools from making the change
· The true costs of appliance-based filtering compared to cloud filtering
· Questions to ask cloud filtering vendors before you buy
· Key features of the best cloud filters

You’ll also learn about cloud filtering with Lightspeed Systems Relay.

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