Lightspeed Systems And New Partner Extend Safe Mobile Learning

Students around the world will have safe monitored access to learning resources, with the Lightspeed Systems Cloud Filter offered through Intel® Education Solutions

From the classroom to the park to home to wherever students go with their devices, safety is essential. With the Lightspeed Systems Cloud Filter, content filtering policies extend to mobile devices on and off the network to ensure safe anytime, anywhere learning. The Lightspeed Systems solution provides a combination of filtered access, easy management, and monitoring and reporting that make it an ideal solution for content filtering in any environment. This helps to ensure safe, secure 24/7 learning opportunities. Intel mobile devices will be pre-configured to use the Lightspeed Systems Cloud Filter for content filtering, ensuring safe, secure 24/7 learning opportunities.

The Cloud Filter transparently communicates Internet-browser requests from a device to a hosted Lightspeed Systems server. In turn, the Lightspeed Systems server references the URL requests with its content database and policy settings, and either allows or blocks the request.

Intel Education Solutions include hardware, software and services such as Lightspeed Systems Cloud Filter that are designed specifically for education.

 “It’s an exciting time in education as students around the world are enjoying the many benefits of mobile learning,” shares Lightspeed Systems President Brian Thomas. “But we know that safety is always a concern when it comes to children. We’re excited to be offering our service through Intel to ensure that these learning opportunities are safe.”


About Lightspeed Systems

Education needs the technology revolution that has transformed every other industry. How do we get there? By engaging students in meaningful projects, by creating learning communities, by extending learning beyond the class walls and school bells, and by making sure that schools are empowered to safely and easily use transformative technologies.

That’s where we come in… Lightspeed Systems partners with schools to make learning safe, mobile and collaborative. We’ve helped thousands of schools around the world protect and engage more than 10 million students.

Lightspeed Systems + Your School. Together we do amazing things.

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