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Lightspeed Systems K-12 Filtering/Monitoring Solution Relay Now Available for All Operating Systems

January 24, 2018

Education technology company Lightspeed Systems releases Relay 2.0, a major update of the school IT software solution that brings safe, easily managed filtering to every major device OS.

LONDON, ENGLAND, U.K. — Today, at the 2018 BETT show at ExCel London, ed-tech solution provider Lightspeed Systems announced Relay 2.0, a major new release of the filtering/monitoring solution Relay that offers real-time safety and hassle-free filtering for every device. While version 1 of Relay is compatible with only the Google Chrome OS operating system, the game-changing Relay 2.0 uses smart agents to make filtering for every OS easier and smarter.

K-12 schools are implementing one-to-one programs in record numbers, and school IT departments are responsible for the daunting tasks of filtering students’ internet access on these devices as well as identifying suspicious online activity, locating lost devices and more. Complicating matters is the wide array of devices in individual schools and districts: tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones, often on a variety of operating systems.

The cloud-based Relay 2.0 eliminates the need for multiple systems to filter, monitor and manage all those devices with features for granular user activity reporting; content filtering, including social media and SSL sites, with flexible policies; real-time suspicious activity alerts; and geolocation for lost and stolen devices. And all of these tools are available in a single, streamlined UI.

Relay 2.0’s innovative design gives the ability to filter and monitor any device OS by deploying Lightspeed Systems Smart Agents. Version 2 also includes features such as:
• Simple SSL filtering — filter SSL sites like Google and YouTube without having to use proxies, PAC files or trust certificates
• Parent Report Generator — upload a simple CSV file of parent email addresses to automate the delivery of student device activity reports to their parents’ inboxes
• Lockouts — lock students out of internet access if they attempt to access too many blocked sites in succession
• Smart Play — the game-changing YouTube management feature that allows students to access more than 40 million educational videos (and none of the bad stuff)
• BYOD support — safely filter BYOD programs and smartphones on your campus

“In less than a year, Relay has made hundreds of thousands of school Chromebooks safer, more effective devices for learning,” says Lightspeed Systems President and CEO Brian Thomas. “Now that school districts can use Relay 2.0 to filter and monitor any device, we’ll be able to help exponentially more schools ensure their one-to-one initiatives are appropriate for student use and worth the investment.”

To learn more about Lightspeed Systems Relay 2.0, visit www.lightspeedsystems.com/relay2.

About Lightspeed Systems
Lightspeed Systems partners with schools to make learning safe, mobile and easily managed. Partnered with 6,500 districts in the United States and 25,000 schools around the world, Lightspeed Systems offers integrated solutions for smarter K-12 school networks: Relay, Web Filter, Mobile Manager, and Management Bundle for Windows. To learn more, visit https://www.lightspeedsystems.com.