Our Executive Team

Experience, commitment, and passion for education drive us to do our very best for schools every day.

Rob McCarthy Founder & Chairman of the Board Joel Heinrichs Board Secretary/Treasurer
Brian Thomas President & CEO
Rob Chambers Vice President, Customer Success Chris Travis Vice President, Sales
John Genter VP, Global Operations Amy Bennett Vice President, Marketing
Greg Funk Vice President, Finance Earnie Kramer General Manager, EMEIA

Rob McCarthy

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Rob McCarthy is the founder of Lightspeed Systems and Chairman of the Board. Previously a senior software developer, Rob specialized in network protocols, antivirus, spam, and web crawlers -- building the advanced technology and AI systems that set Lightspeed Systems apart. In 1984, McCarthy established MacSoft, which is now incorporated as Lightspeed Systems. He also founded Lightspeed Net, which was acquired and incorporated into EarthLink in 2000. McCarthy received a Bachelor of Arts in physics from Occidental College, a Bachelor of Science in engineering from California Institute of Technology, and a Master of Science in engineering from University of California, Berkeley.


Joel Heinrichs

Board Secretary/Treasurer

Joel Heinrichs is Secretary/Treasurer of Lightspeed Systems board, providing fiscal guidance to the rapidly growing company that serves the K-12 education market. Prior to his current position, Heinrichs was CEO of Lightspeed Systems and before that, president of Lightspeed Net, a regional ISP that was established as a division of Lightspeed Systems, but quickly grew to serve 20,000 customers in central California. Before moving into the private sector, Heinrichs began his career in local government, which culminated in his appointment as the County Administrative Officer for Kern County. Heinrichs has been involved in educational endeavors his entire life. He previously served as the president of the South High School Alumni Association and as a member of the Kern High School District Board of Trustees. He is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara and earned a master’s degree in public administration from California State University, Bakersfield.


Brian Thomas

President & CEO

Brian Thomas is the President & CEO at Lightspeed Systems, creating a unified vision and guiding all divisions within the company toward it. Brian inspires a commitment to excellence that has made Lightspeed a leader in educational technology and a trusted partner to its customers. Brian brings his knowledge of educational technology trends and the challenges district IT personnel face to all areas of the company, from product development to marketing to support. Under his leadership, Lightspeed has created innovative solutions that change the way schools use technology, built strategic alliances with the largest technology companies, and grown to a global company that protects more than 25 million students around the world. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California Polytechnic State University.


Rob Chambers

Vice President, Product Management

Rob Chambers is the VP of Customer Success at Lightspeed, ensuring that our school customers are successful as they purchase, implement, and use our solutions. His daily interaction with customers and advisors is responsible for keeping our roadmap customer-focused and in line with the latest school needs. Before joining Lightspeed, Rob held key positions in educational technology, where he gained the experience that drives him to develop solutions to meet the unique needs of schools. Rob was the Director of Technology Services at Rosedale Union School District in Bakersfield, CA; a consultant for FCMAT; an adjunct Computer Studies faculty member at Bakersfield College; and network manager for the Kern Community College District. He also served on the California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA) Board of Directors from 2005-2007.


Chris Travis

Vice President, Sales

Chris Travis is the Vice President of Sales at Lightspeed Systems, creating and implementing sales strategies that are pivotal in the year-over-year growth and success of the company. With a focus on bringing in new customers and keeping them as happy customers for the long-term, Chris has developed sales and sales engineer training programs and fostered close collaboration with other departments, ensuring that districts receive the solutions, training and support they need. Prior to joining Lightspeed Systems as a Regional Sales Manager, Chris was a project manager for Bolthouse Farms, where he managed large-scale, multi-location software deployments and gained an appreciation for both process and flexibility in helping an organization meet its goals.


John Genter

VP, Global Operations

John Genter is the VP of Operations and Customer Service, creating operational and support strategy for the entire organization; implementing best practices in all areas of process, staffing and technology; and leading Lightspeed Systems strategy for Security and Data Privacy compliance. John is responsible for ensuring an unparalleled customer experience, overseeing the daily operations of Support, IT, Network Operations, Privacy and Security and Facilities teams. Before joining Lightspeed in 2005, John was the VP of Network Operations/CTO at Arrival Communications. John has been involved in educational endeavors his entire life. He severed on the Norris School District Board of Trustees for 22 years, as well as on the Business Advisory Boards for CSUB, DeVry University, KHSD ROC, and KHSD Virtual Enterprise.


Amy Bennett

Vice President, Marketing

Amy Bennett is the Vice President of Marketing at Lightspeed Systems, developing and executing a marketing strategy that builds awareness of the Lightspeed Systems brand and drives market  demand. Amy combines her passion for education with her communication savvy and creativity to craft messages and implement programs that reflect Lightspeed Systems’ position as an innovator and leader in the industry. Amy has twenty years of experience in educational technology, working as a consultant and as an employee with leading companies in edtech.


Greg Funk

Vice President, Finance

Greg Funk is the Vice President of Finance at Lightspeed Systems, where his expertise in accounting, internal controls, and financial reporting ensure that the company remains fiscally strong and responsible as it grows and expands in new markets. Prior to joining Lightspeed Systems in 2012, Greg worked at accounting firms, including CBIZ, Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C., and Daniells Phillips Vaughan & Bock.


Earnie Kramer

General Manager, EMEIA

Earnie Kramer manages Europe, Middle East, India and Africa at Lightspeed Systems, encompassing almost half the world’s population including some of the most developed and least developed countries.  Bringing the transformative power of Lightspeed Systems’ technology to schools across such a diverse region is the challenge of a lifetime.  Earnie has a long history of being at the cutting edge of technology, from being a young lab assistant at IBM, to helping design and implement some of the largest private networks of the 1980’s at companies such as Boeing and Microsoft.  Earnie moved to the UK 20 years ago and co-founded Kramer Lee & Associates, a company specializing in software for the legal, finance and insurance markets.  After a successful acquisition in 2003 by Hummingbird Ltd, a leading Canadian company, Earnie retired before coming back to work for Lightspeed Systems.