Coronavirus and School Closures

Three Ways Lightspeed Systems can help your school preparedness and remote learning plan.

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"Lightspeed Systems' mission over last 20 years hasn't changed, and Coronavirus won't change it either. We're here to help schools and protect students—no matter where or how learning takes place. We furthered that mission by offering our Classroom and the Relay Filter free to schools during the spring 2020 closures."
Brian Thomas CEO of Lightspeed Systems
Brian Thomas
President & CEO
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Relay Filter protects students, even off campus

Students being out of school and at home for extended periods can mean they spend more time online. Distance learning can also mean students who don’t usually take devices home will need to do so. Filtering those devices is essential.

Relay Filter protects students on school devices at school, at home, and everywhere in between. Safety Check extends this protection to include real-time monitoring and alerts on students at risk of self-harm or violence.

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Relay Classroom can help with remote learning

The possibility of extended closures is leading many schools to develop remote learning plans so classes can continue even if students are at home. Classroom management can help extend the “classroom” to the home.

Relay Classroom allows classroom management to continue even when school devices are used off campus, so teachers can keep students on-task and monitor class activities remotely.

Our new Online Activity Dashboard is now available within Relay Filter to provide additional insights about how students are using their time on school-issued devices.

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Lightspeed Systems has plans in place to ensure ongoing services and support

We know that you rely on us and our services to keep your students safe and we take that responsibility seriously. We have detailed processes and plans in place to ensure ongoing support and availability of services. 

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