AUSTIN, TX. — Today, Lightspeed Systems announced the general release of its Smart Agents for Mac OS, iOS and Windows, bringing multi-OS support to its K-12 school filtering and monitoring solution. These revolutionary, patented agents — which provide seamless SSL decryption and mobile filtering to student devices, and have previously supported just Chrome OS — are available to Lightspeed customers now.

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K-12 schools are implementing one-to-one programs in record numbers, and school IT departments are responsible for the daunting tasks of filtering students’ internet access on these devices as well as identifying suspicious online activity, locating lost devices and more. Complicating matters is the wide array of devices in individual schools and districts: tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones, often on a variety of operating systems.

The cloud-based Lightspeed platform eliminates the need for multiple systems to filter, monitor and manage all those devices with features for granular user activity reporting; content filtering, including social media and SSL sites, with flexible policies; real-time suspicious activity alerts; and geolocation for lost and stolen devices. And all these tools are available in a single, streamlined UI.

Lightspeed’s innovative design gives the ability to filter and monitor any device OS by deploying Lightspeed’s Smart Agents. The Lightspeed platform also includes such features as:

  • Lightspeed Classroom Management™ — AI-powered classroom management solution to help teachers keep students on task and engaged
  • Built-in SSL decryption — filter SSL sites like Google and YouTube without having to use proxies, PAC files or trust certificates
  • Forældrerapportgenerator - upload en simpel CSV-fil med forældre-e-mailadresser for at automatisere leveringen af aktivitetsrapporter for elevernes enhed til deres forældres indbakker
  • Lockouts — lås elever ude af internetadgang, hvis de forsøger at få adgang til for mange blokerede websteder i rækkefølge
  • Smart Play – den spilændrende YouTube-administrationsfunktion, der giver eleverne adgang til næsten 100 millioner undervisningsvideoer (og ingen af de dårlige ting)

“Lightspeed has been a game-changer for schools with Chromebooks, giving IT maximum visibility into those devices and making the Web safer for students,” says Lightspeed Systems President and CEO Brian Thomas. “We’re excited that schools can now enjoy these benefits on every operating system.”

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