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Data-Driven District Whitepaper

Want to be a data-driven district? To keep your 1:1 program safe and effective, you need DATA. But not just any data; it needs to be accurate, actionable, and shareable.

The right reports can help drive student safety, 1:1 ROI, app adoption, appropriate use of technology, and better communication within your school and with parents.

Download this informational white paper to learn key reports you need to make your district data-driven.

Plus, get these great takeaways:

  • 67% of purchased ed-tech resources are unused. Are yours?
  • What makes data actionable
  • What reports are right to share with your school board
  • How can reports drive student safety
  • How much of your 1:1 device activity is truly educational

And much more!

Use this helpful resource to help make smarter decisions about your 1:1 programs and technology resources so you can answer: Is your tech budget being used effectively

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