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Encourage Digital Citizenship with Your Child: A Practical Guide for Parents

Digital citizenship has become a major focus for schools. But schools that want to become digital citizenship hubs need help from parents and care givers to teach and reinforce these skills at home.

To assist schools with that, Lightspeed Systems® created a free downloadable guide all K-12 districts can give out to parents to help them understand what digital citizenship is, why it matters, and how to teach it to their kids. You can distribute this PDF to families in your district to support your school’s comprehensive digital citizenship program.

Key topics discussed in the guide include:

  • Why parents should care about digital citizenship and how they can teach it at home
  • Preventing cyberbullying by teaching responsible approaches to conflict through empathy
  • How to encourage students to make smart choices online by knowing what data they can share and what data they should keep private
  • Teaching students to secure their devices so private information does not fall into the wrong hands
  • How to avoid scams and fake information online by learning the telltale signs of fraud
  • Establishing healthy online behaviors and utilization so students can learn good boundaries and time management skills

While media and technology hold great promise for learning, children need the right support and education to make appropriate judgments as they navigate the digital world. And the more information parents know about digital citizenship, the more likely they will be to take co-ownership of the effort. Download the free guide to start getting families involved today.