Here’s How to Block Students From Using Psiphon, Ultrasurf and Hotspot Shield

Students have always sought ways to get around your school’s content filter – and we’ve always been a step ahead with innovative features to protect your users, your network, and your school. The latest feature in Lightspeed Systems Web Filter 3: Longhorn gives you more power than ever, with new Filter Bypass Controls that block even the toughest bypass tools, like Psiphon, Ultrasurf, Hotspot Shield and more!

Tools like Psiphon were designed to provide an unfiltered and unmonitored internet experience; this isn’t what schools need for their students. They’re also designed to constantly adapt, making blocking via static lists ineffective.

Filter Bypass Controls, available in the latest release of Lightspeed Systems Web Filter Longhorn, lets you detect those sessions and shut them down. You can:

  • Ban these tools with a single click
  • Lock out clients using these tools for anywhere from 0 to 60 minutes
  • Send real-time alerts when a bypass tool is detected
  • Report on all bypass attempts
  • Set up exemptions

These new features build upon our Multi-Layered Bypass Protection, which allows you to:

  • Block unknown URLs
  • Block sites designated as security.proxy
  • Block P2P traffic
  • Ban bypass tools (new!)
  • Block QUIC (new!)
  • Alerts and lockouts on bypass attempts (new!)
  • Reports on all of it

Lightspeed Systems Web Filter customers: get the latest release to take advantage of these powerful new features.

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