Join the Filtering Revolution! Get Relay for Every OS Now

After months of testing, pilot studies, and rigorous feedback processes, Relay’s Smart Agents are here! We’re happy to announce Smart Agents for Windows, Mac and iOS are in general release.

This means you can deploy Smart Agents to your Windows, Mac, iOS and Chrome devices now. The best part? Because Relay lives in the cloud, school districts can set it up quickly — in as few as 15 minutes.

Smart Agents power Relay’s multi-OS filtering, making Relay the most robust, advanced, and flexible solution for K-12 education. To learn more about what makes Relay Smart Agents so smart, click here.

Here are just a few reasons why Smart Agents make Relay the best filter for K-12.

  • It has multi-OS support today. Other filtering solutions support only one or two operating systems. Their providers may promise that support for other OSes is on the way, but Relay is ready to support all your devices now. (Plus Relay filters every browser and app on those devices!)
  • No other solution handles iOS better. With iOS Smart Agents, all your devices are covered.
  • It decrypts SSL seamlessly. Get full URL reporting on critical SSL sites without the hassles of proxies, PAC files, or trust certificates. In other words, you’ll get URL-level details on traffic to YouTube, Google, social media sites, and other encrypted websites via Relay reports. (About half of all sites are encrypted.)
  • It combines a comprehensive URL database with artificial intelligence. Smart Agents allow our proprietary machine-learning database and real-time AI content analysis to filter all your devices. Relay is built on decades of experience filtering schools, so you won’t find a more advanced database or smarter AI in any other solution.
  • It has the most customizable policies. Relay allows schools to get granular with policies and set up filtering and management rules for a variety of scenarios.
  • It offers multi-OS device filtering and management in one UI. See activity for every device in a single interface.
  • It can integrate with our classroom management solution. When you power your filtering with Relay, you can also get teacher tools as an additional Lightspeed  Classroom Management component!

Already a Relay customer? Contact [email protected] for licenses to cover every device.

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