St. Joseph Catholic School Ensures Responsible Use of Learning Technology with Lightspeed Classroom Management™


Taking advantage of the rich educational opportunities that online technology offers to students, while at the same time keeping students on task and teaching them responsible digital citizenship, was a challenge for St. Joseph Catholic School.

With online content, digital media, and device technology developing rapidly, making such opportunities available to students—while at the same time shielding them from online content’s potential risks—is a top priority, especially in a school that emphasizes the use of technology to transform learning into a dynamic experience.

St. Joseph integrates digital citizenship by providing staff professional development and parent resources to help them guide each student’s online activity. Students receive rich content instruction daily, including practical directions on responsible online activity.


To ensure students’ online safety and security 24/7, St. Joseph turned to Lightspeed Systems® for system-wide online content filtering. Lightspeed Filter™ is powered by the K-12 content filtering industry’s most comprehensive content database, built from 20 years of exhaustive web indexing. Patented Lightspeed agents leverage advanced artificial intelligence to automatically block millions of inappropriate, harmful, and unknown sites, images, and video clips. Lightspeed Filter helps school and district technology teams scale student online safety with cloud-based, device-level protections that work across all types of devices, operating systems, and learning environments.

[Lightspeed] Classroom Management is a great tool for holding students accountable for the freedom they have in learning with a computer.

Michael Foose, Teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School

Specifically to address the challenge of keeping students on task, St. Joseph implemented Lightspeed Classroom Management™, which enables teachers to keep their students logged in, participating, and focused both in person and in a remote learning scenario. Advanced AI technology gives teachers real-time visibility and control of their students’ digital workspaces and online activity. Educators can safely message a distracted student, redirect their browser, close windows and tabs, and enable screen sharing for collaboration between students.

In addition, the school’s IT team uses Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™ for device, application, and policy management.


Michael Foose, a St. Joseph teacher for grades 6,7, and 8, said, “My challenge was keeping every student on topic and making sure that they use the technology responsibly. Lightspeed Classroom Management lets me overcome that by enabling me to monitor all the student devices at one time.”

“Classroom Management has plenty of great features, “ Foose continued. “One I use a lot lets me push out a link to a URL so that every student goes directly to the correct website. There’s also the history feature, which lets me review each student’s internet history and make sure they’re acting responsibly. Classroom Management is a great tool for holding students accountable for the freedom they have in learning with a computer.”

Christine Cooper, grade 5 social studies, reading, and English teacher at St. Joseph, constantly moves her desk around the classroom and isn’t able to have a clear line of sight to all her students’ Chromebooks because of how they’re sitting. “Are they on task? Are they following directions and keeping up? Lightspeed Classroom Management lets me make sure that all my students are on the right site for each lesson—and not on a site they would rather be on.”

“Classroom Management has been indispensable in implementing technology in my classes,” Cooper explained. “It’s helped the students be more responsible with the technology because they know that I’m going to be monitoring them.”

But Cooper emphasizes that Classroom Management is an effective instructional tool as well. “If a student is stuck on something or having difficulty with a concept, I can send a private message within the system and ask if the student needs further assistance.”

She concludes, “Lightspeed Classroom Management has changed the way we use technology. If you’re using technology in your classroom, it’s essential that you have this tool.”

Lightspeed Classroom Management has changed the way we use technology. If you're using technology in your classroom, it's essential that you have this tool.

Christine Cooper, Teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School



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