Better Than ContentKeeper!

Thinking about ContentKeeper for your school or district? Here are 10 reasons Lightspeed Systems® is the best choice for K-12 education. Request your demo or quote today!

What Makes Lightspeed Better?

1. Better scalability and security.

Lightspeed is built on the scalable, secure AWS cloud so you save on hardware and get the best in speed, scalability, ease of use, privacy, and security built right in. In fact, Lightspeed is the only filter that’s a certified AWS education partner.

2. Better safety analysis & violence prevention.

Lightspeed analyzes online activity to provide the most comprehensive protection against safety threats like cyberbullying, self-harm, and school violence.

3. Better classroom device management/monitoring.

Classroom uses AI to automatically monitor classroom devices and integrates easily with Lightspeed; ContentKeeper doesn’t offer a classroom management solution.

4. Better admin reporting.

Lightspeed has the most advanced, drill-down, customizable reporting and easily shareable reports; their reports aren’t granular enough and offer limited customization.

5. Better, more accurate web categorization.

Lightspeed utilizes human teams, machine learning, and AI page-scanning for the most comprehensive categorization of the web.

6. Better, more accurate YouTube management.

Lightspeed has accurately categorized 100 million-plus YouTube videos; their product relies on YouTube’s inaccurate, user-reported categories.

7. Better, more comprehensive SSL decryption.

Lightspeed offers on-device SSL decryption that can’t be removed by students; their solution requires you to push root certificates to every device on your network.

8. Better for education.

Lightspeed is built on 20 years of experience filtering schools and is developed for schools, exclusively; their filter is marketed to enterprise, which drives their development and priorities.

9. Better customer service.

Lightspeed is developed and supported in the U.S. (with support, detailed documentation, and training included) so we’re available whenever you need us; ContentKeeper’s small team and development are in Australia.

10. Better for parents.

Lightspeed offers automated, emailed parent reports; ContentKeeper doesn’t have parent reporting. Lightspeed is a better filter, period. And better filtering saves you time and keeps your students safe.

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