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Understand the steps Lightspeed Systems takes to ensure schools get the visibility they need to meet GDPR regulations and make sure all of the apps on their network are correctly handling users’ data.

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Student Data Privacy

Teachers are implementing new tools every day—from conferences to free offers. But not all of those apps have been vetted and they may violate student data privacy policies. Learn about the solution that helps you identify rogue apps, keeps student data safe, and ensures data privacy compliance.

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SSL Decryption

SSL decryption is essential for schools. But historically, it’s been a headache—setting up a trusted MITM proxy, creating PAC files, managing trust certificates, etc. Learn about the tool that can help you overcome the hassle while providing the data you need.

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Lightspeed Systems® with Mac

As an Apple Certified Partner, our integration with Mac devices and the Apple App Store allows for easy mobile device and app management. Create a secure, reliable digital learning environment with Lightspeed Systems and your Apple technology program.

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Lightspeed Systems® with Google

Chromebook monitoring and management has never been easier. Lightspeed solutions work seamlessly with any operating system, including K-12’s leading OS: Chrome. Your entire Google Workspace can be integrated across your established online learning programs.

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Lightspeed Systems® with Apple iOS

Lightspeed Systems makes management of iOS devices in a school setting simple. Utilize enterprise-level device and app management to easily push or provide access to apps from the App Store and manage device policies remotely.

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Device Location Services

Lost or stolen devices cost schools thousands a year. But the right tools can help locate those devices so schools maximize the ROI of their technology investment. Learn how you can easily locate missing devices with a zoom-able map, last known IP, and other information critical to recovery.

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CIPA Compliance

Lightspeed Filter™ is a CIPA-compliant web filtering software designed for K-12 schools. Lightspeed Filter blocks inappropriate content online better than any competitor, while helping schools be compliant with CIPA and other student internet safety regulations.

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