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Platform Features

Only Relay lets you Filter, Manage, Monitor, and Protect in a single platform.

Admin Roles + Group Inheritance

Grant Relay users customized permissions to ensure that the right people have access to the right information. Plus, with group inheritance, you can set your users at any level of your organization.

Multi-OS directory integration

Perform a single, one-time setup and you’re done. Relay integrates with Google, Active Directory, Google Classroom, and SIS sync.

Scalable and secure cloud platform

Relay boasts 99.9% uptime in the most scalable and secure cloud platform–AWS.

Relay Filter Logo

End-to-end protection, simplified SSL decryption, and easy setup–without hardware.

Easy SSL decryption

Provide multi-OS SSL decryption without proxies, PACs, or trust certificates. Smart Agents put the power of a filter inside each device with Smart Agents.

Comprehensive filter

Analyzes and reports on web activity, typed content, and multimedia across the web–including YouTube, Google search, online docs and social media.

Adaptive AI Database

The most accurate and comprehensive categorizations ensure inappropriate content is blocked while valuable educational materials remain accessible.

Dynamic reports

Get high-level data on device use or detailed, granular reports on individual students. Relay offers the most powerful, actionable, and shareable reports.

Granular YouTube Controls

SmartPlay takes control of YouTube. Allow educational videos and block inappropriate content, thumbnails and time-wasters—in just a click.

On and Off Campus

Flexible policies let you ensure safety, CIPA compliance, and policy enforcement on networked and mobile devices—on and off-campus.

And More...

BYOD/IoT filtering

After-school controls

Flagging and alerts

Allow/block lists

Lockout controls

Custom block pages

Custom white/blacklists

Social media controls

Search controls

Data dashboard

Secure, sharable reports

User-level activity reporting

YouTube reporting

Search reporting

Google Docs reporting

Social media reporting

Parent reports

Safe search

Flagged activity reports

Audit Log

Automatic Updates

Fast cloud set-up

Device Detective geolocation

Easy device mapping with zoom

Relay Manage Logo

Easy, over-the-air management for every device and app

Simplified UI

Simplified, multi-OS device management. Comprehensive UI with powerful controls within an intuitive interface.

App Management

Push apps and manage app inventory. Let users access approved apps. Easily, recover and reassign apps.

Policy Restrictions

Remotely set hundreds of policies and restrictions across every device and OS to control everything including Wi-Fi, cameras and OS updates over the air.

Powerful Integration

Integrate with Apple and Windows programs: DEP, App Store, Managed Distribution, Business Store Portal, Defender, Apple Classroom, iBooks, AirPlay, and more.

Self-service App Portal

Allow students and staff to find and download approved apps. Add apps to the Self-service Portal by group, grade, school, and more.

Timed Policies

Start and end policies at specific days and times. Lock devices to a single app or for extended periods, like spring break.

And More...

Manage on and off-campus

iOS, Mac, Win, Android

Device location

Real-time dashboards & reports

User/device reports

Single sign-on

Single app mode

Inventory reports

Wi-Fi auto-join Touchless wipe

Remote configuration

Automatic load-balancing & fault tolerance

Battery indicators

Password clear/reset

Integration with Apple App Store

Office 365 integration

Policy inheritance

Windows error reporting

Bluetooth control

Device status updates

Integration with Windows Business Store Portal

Relay Monitor Logo

Monitor, manage, and engage a whole class of devices.

Screen monitoring

Keep an eye on class activity and student screens with real-time, easy-to-understand activity tables and screen views.

Class controls

Lock devices to get eyes up front, close tabs, or limit student web access for secure testing or focused learning.

Monitor individual student

Zero in on individual students to see what they’re doing, check-in, control access, and keep them on track.

AI insights

Save time with AI-based insights that surface unusual activity that warrant teachers’ attention.


Easily share links, broadcast teacher or student screens, and check in with students with simple (safe!) messaging.


Save precious class minutes by employing automation to move students out of restricted Internet access.

And More...

Screen viewing

Heat map

List view of activity

Filters and sorts

Proprietary algorithm

Device lock

Record screens

Share links

URL history

Disable Internet access

Custom web access zones



Enable access upon task completion

Admin settings

Join codes

Tab control

Online help & training

Relay Protect Logo

A holistic approach to student safety with alerts for inappropriate content, self-harm, bullying, and school violence.

Comprehensive protection

Get critical alerts across the Internet–social media, online docs, online mail, YouTube, apps, browsers, search engines and more.

Advanced AI

Leverage our advance filtering AI to get the info you need without the false positives and missed activity common in other solutions.


Set alerts and notifications based on school or class or user. Make guidance counselors, safety officers, IT, administrators, teachers and more part of the solution.

AI analysis on sentiments

Powerful safety dashboards

Real-time alerts with screenshots

Historical user reports

In-app notifications

Custom flagged words list

Custom danger rating scale

Alerts (daily, weekly, immediate)

Flagged site controls

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