Lightspeed Analytics™ Enhanced with User-Based Reporting, Privacy Certifications to Deliver Most Actionable Data

Philadelphia, PA, June 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At the ISTE 2019 conference this week, Lightspeed Systems® has announced key enhancements to Lightspeed Analytics, a complete data analytics solution that helps schools make smarter ed-tech decisions to drive ROI, engagement, and data privacy.

The first key enhancement is user-based reporting. Lightspeed Analytics already provided data at the district, school, and group/class levels. It now provides all data on app usage and engagement at the individual user level as well. This enhancement lets administrators better understand usage and trends. “User-based reporting is critical for understanding who top users of specific apps are and how that’s changing,” shares Amy Bennett, VP of Marketing at Lightspeed Systems. “With this addition, Lightspeed Analytics provides more, and more actionable, data than any other data solution.”

User-based reporting in Lightspeed Analytics is made simple by SIS or directory integration, automatically tying activity to individuals without any user involvement.

The second key enhancement is the addition of Data Privacy Certification information. Student data privacy is a top concern for schools, and Lightspeed Analytics helps schools maintain compliance with Privacy Reports that show ratings and details on individual apps’ data retention, security, privacy, and information usage policies. That data is now supplemented with an app’s certifications with organizations like Common Sense, COPPA, Safe Harbor, and Privacy Shield. “Student data privacy has been a challenge for schools and we’re making that easier by bringing together all the information administrators need in a single spot,” shares Bennett. “But in addition to just reporting that data, one of the benefits of Lightspeed Analytics being a part of the Lightspeed platform is that schools can take action on rogue apps right from the same platform — blocking apps that violate policies.”

Lightspeed Analytics provides comprehensive data on every app or application used across every device, regardless of operating system and without complex set-up or end-user interaction. With the solution, schools can easily understand how ed-tech resources are being used in order to maximize ROI, minimize unused licenses, ensure data privacy compliance, plan professional development, and drive engagement and adoption.

To learn more about how Lightspeed Analytics can drive higher ROI and smarter decisions in your schools, visit Lightspeed Systems at ISTE 2019 booth #1432 or request a demo.

About Lightspeed Systems
Lightspeed Systems partners with schools to make learning safe, mobile and easily managed. Partnered with 6,500 districts in the United States and 28,000 schools around the world, Lightspeed Systems offers integrated filtering, management, monitoring, and protection for schools through its groundbreaking platform. Headquartered in Austin, TX (with offices in Portland and the U.K.), Lightspeed serves over 15 million students in 35 countries. To learn more, visit

Katie McCarthy
Lightspeed Systems
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Reimagine the inspired and interactive classroom for remote, hybrid, and in-person learning. Lightspeed Classroom Management™ gives teachers real-time visibility and control of their students’ digital workspaces and online activity.

  • Ensure all students interact with only the right online curriculum — precisely when they’re supposed to use it.
  • Push out vetted curriculum links to all students at the same time.
  • Block inappropriate or distracting web sites and apps.

Ensure scalable & efficient learning device management. The Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™ system ensures safe and secure management of student learning resources with real-time visibility and reporting essential for effective distance learning.

  • A centralized, cloud-based solution for infinitely scalable device, application, and policy controls
  • Self-Service App Library, where teachers and students
    can access and install approved curriculum and learning tools
  • Remotely deploy, change, and revoke hundreds of policies and educational applications, while reducing typical downtime and costs

Prevent suicides, cyberbullying, and schoolviolence. Lightspeed Alert™ supports district administrators and selected personnel with advanced AI to detect and report potential threats before it’s too late.

  • Human review
  • Real-time alerts that flag signs of a potential threat
  • Intervene quickly before an incident occurs.
  • Activity logs provide visibility into online activity before and after a flagged event

Protect students from harmful online content. Lightspeed Filter™ is the best-in-class solution that acts as a solid barrier to inappropriate or illicit online content to ensure students’ online safety 24/7.

  • Powered by the most comprehensive database in the industry built through 20 years of web indexing and machine learning.
  • Ensure CIPA compliance
  • Block millions of inappropriate, harmful, and unknown sites, images, and video including YouTube
  • Keep parents informed with the Lightspeed Parent Portal™

Gain complete visibility into students’ online learning. Lightspeed Analytics™ gives districts robust data on the effectiveness of any tools they implement so they can take a strategic approach to their technology stack and streamline reporting.

  • Track education technology adoption and usage trends, eliminate redundancy, and drive ROI
  • Monitor app and content consumption to facilitate early adoption and effective utilization
  • Assess risk with visibility into student data privacy and security compliance