The Complete 1:1 Platform

Only Relay by Lightspeed Systems lets you Filter, Manage, Monitor, and Protect across operating systems for a truly comprehensive platform.

Everything you need to keep
your 1:1 safe and managed

Allow or block sites and apps, control device policies and web access, monitor and report on all activity; get everyone the information and controls they need, from the classroom to the IT office—only Relay brings it all together. Filter, Manage, Monitor, and Protect.

End-to-end protection, easy SSL decryption

Filter any app or browser, without proxies, PACs, or certificate hassles with Relay Filter.

Enterprise class MDM for schools

Leverage technology to regain teaching time

Advanced AI protects your students and schools

Multi-OS directory integration on and off network

Relay integrates with all the services you already use, and you only have to integrate once for all your features to be setup. It covers every OS as well as BYOD, and IoT traffic—on the school network, at home, or anywhere.

Data privacy in the cloud

Relay is the only AWS-certified filtering provider, boasting 99.9% uptime in the most scalable and secure cloud platform. Our commitment to student data privacy is unrivaled. We’re early signers of the Student Privacy Pledge and are GDPR compliant across solutions and company policies.

Admin Roles with granular permissions

With most MDM solutions, delivering apps and managing policies from the district to the school to the user is complicated. Relay was built based on school hierarchies, so it’s easy to set policies, ensure appropriate controls, and delegate administration to different levels of your organization.

Unrivaled Support

We’re here to help whenever you need it, however you need it. From online chat and documentation and training to live expert phone support, our commitment to schools means we’re committed to getting you help and answers fast so you can get back to all your other critical tasks.

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