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Save Lives by Detecting Warning Signs of Suicide, Cyberbullying, and Violence

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Lightspeed Alert™ is a critical component in student safety plans and the prevention of self-harm, cyberbullying, suicide, and violence. School administrators and their delegates are notified instantly of threats and can intervene before an incident occurs.

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Safeguard your students by detecting warning signs of suicide, cyberbullying, and school violence

Lightspeed Safety Specialists

With the mission of keeping your students and staff safe, on- and off-campus, our global team of Lightspeed Safety Specialists are available to monitor safety alerts 24/7/365. This human review team works seamlessly with our patented AI to detect early warning signs of sentiment and intent of violence, self-harm, and suicide. Our safety specialists have experience and backgrounds in education, law enforcement, and investigation, along with extensive full-time team of safety specialists are trained by threat assessment and suicide prevention training.  

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Detect and escalate warning signs in three steps

Sophisticated AI Scan for Warning Signs

Safety Specialists Conduct Threat Assessment

Escalation Response

AI technology scans online documents and desktop applications for concerning student behavior on school devices and sends alerts to designated safety staff and Lightspeed Safety Specialists.

Our in-house team of highly trained safety specialists evaluate all Lightspeed Alert notifications to identify warning signs and each individual case of imminent threats to student safety.

If a threat is deemed imminent, the Lightspeed Safety Specialists will immediately escalate to district safety personnel and/or law enforcement, enabling early intervention before it’s too late.

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Understand the risks

With Lightspeed Alert, gain insight into your students’ mental health and wellness. Activity logs provide contextual visibility into the student’s behavior and activity before and after a flagged incident to initiate the most effective response and escalation protocols. 

Keep students safe on any device, any browser, any OS

Lightspeed Alert integrates with Microsoft, Google, and Apple to provide secure and continuous monitoring across all online documents and productivity apps, files, chat, and social mediaanywhere students interact online. 

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Responsible & Ethical by Design

Lightspeed Alert vs. the Others

GoGuardian Beacon Securly Auditor 24 Gaggle Smoothwall Lightspeed Alert
Google searches No iOS
Browser activity tracking Chrome only Chrome only With ContentKeeper & Linewize
Microsoft Teams (app/browser) Browser only Browser only Browser only
Microsoft 365 (app/browser) Browser only Browser only Browser only
Google Drive (app/browser) Browser only
Human Review
Integrated solutions platform

Lightspeed Alert vs. the Competition

GoGuardian Beacon 24/7 Securly Auditor 24 Gaggle Smoothwall Lightspeed Alert
Google searches No iOS
Browser activity tracking Chrome only Chrome only
Microsoft Teams (app/browser) Browser only Browser only Browser only
Microsoft 365 (app/browser) Browser only Browser only Browser only
Google Drive (app/browser) Browser only
Human Review
Integrated solutions platform

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I currently use Safety Check. Do I need to update my Chrome extension to use Alert?

    Reach out to your Account Manager and request a license for Lightspeed Alert. Once you have an Alert license, Alert will appear under "Reports in Filter (Relay)" instead of Safety Check. You can then install the brand new Lightspeed Alert extension for Chrome that brings updated AI logic to more accurately capture completed words on the device, reducing traffic off devices, and noisy incidents. In addition, you will have access to Alert Agent 2.0 for Windows; iOS search terms; Google docs, sheets, slides, and cloud integration. 

  • Will Safety Specialists catch incidents that Alert misses?

    No, the Safety Specialist review queue is populated by the same Alert AI. However, our Safety Specialists will review every incident rather than every case.

  • How quickly do Safety Specialists see and review alerts?

    While alerts are generated and sent within seconds of an incident to notify all stakeholders, our safety specialists reviewing incidents 24 hours a day will review and notify in within 20 minutes from incident to action, as part of our service-level agreement (SLA). 

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A holistic approach to student safety with alerts for self-harm, bullying, and violence.

Comprehensive Protection

Get critical alerts across the internet—social media, online docs, email, YouTube, apps, browsers, search engines, and more—no matter where devices are used.

human review

Lightspeed Alert includes an in-house team of trained reviewers 24/7/365, while competitors outsource their human review team to contractors without further training.

Integration with Microsoft

Partnered with Microsoft Education, Lightspeed Alert is able to integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft suite, including Microsoft® Teams.


Set alerts and notifications based on school, class, or user.

Features That Matter

Lightspeed Systems® is a committed ally to schools around the world.

With Lightspeed Systems, I have been able to get my teachers invested into using Chromebooks in the classroom and feeling more comfortable with what students are capable of accessing in class. 

Corey Howard

Greenbrier County School District,
 Technology Systems Specialist

Tech & Learning badge for Remote Learning Award Winner
T&L Best of 2021 award badge

Winner in Tech & Learning's Awards of Excellence

Lightspeed Alert™ was named the Best Remote & Blended Learning Tools in Tech & Learning’s 2021 awards, along with Lightspeed Analytics™  . Tech and Learning recognized Lightspeed Alert and Lightspeed Filter with the Award of Excellence in the Best of 2021 Primary Education and Secondary Education categories.

Committed to Student Safety

Lightspeed Systems® is a Proud Partner

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