How Districts Can Combat Increasing School Threats

January 25th, 2022 | 12pm CST​

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Lightspeed Filter™

Lightspeed Filter combines decades of web filtering experience and AI learning with a support team to specialize the needs of your school, district, or hybrid learning environment. Watch this brief overview of how Lightspeed Filter can protect your students online, across all devices.

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Protect Students From Harmful Online Content

The best web filter for schools

Lightspeed Filter™ (formerly Relay) is powered by the most comprehensive database of online content in the industry from 20 years of web indexing. Patented Lightspeed agents leverage advanced AI to automatically block millions of inappropriate, harmful and unknown sites, images, and video. Lightspeed Filter helps technology teams scale student safety with our cloud-based, device-level protections that work across all devices, operating systems, and learning environments.

Online safety and CIPA-compliant content filtering

Built for out-of-the-box compliance, Lightspeed Filter is the only content filtering solution on the market that employs all four key components of effective, accurate, consistent protections; dynamic, comprehensive database, always-on web crawling, advanced machine-learning, and in-house data scientists.

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Teach safely with YouTube

Unlike other web filters, Lightspeed Filter, with our proprietary SmartPlay™ technologymakes YouTube a safe and reliable instructional tool. Out of the box, SmartPlay’s patented agents and mature database effectively block millions of inappropriate videos, thumbnails, and recommended by YouTube content. Customisable policy controls enable admins to set parameters and selectively allow and permit content—including videos and comments, by grade level, group, class, and site types—without being overly restrictive.

Case Study

Dallastown Area SD Switches to Lightspeed Systems® For Better Filtering, Reporting, and Functionality

For effective, reliable filtering and comprehensive reporting, Dallastown Area School District quickly learned that not all filters operate as they’re marketed. Learn why this Pennsylvania school district switched to Lightspeed Filter to drive more effective safety and visibility initiatives for their tech programme.

Advanced controls for maximum customisation

Our patented technology prevents students from bypassing restrictions, and advanced controls enable customisable policies that allow or deny access based on individual or group identities, time of day, and by dozens of content categories. IT leaders have visibility and insights across all student online activity to secure safe and effective learning experiences for all students. Comprehensive, real-time reporting surfaces harmful and inappropriate internet browsing and activity to mitigate exposure and maintain compliance.

Lightspeed Filter student online web activity dashboard screenshots

Empower parents with student activity insights

Whether parents are assisting students with remote lessons, serving as tech support for their children, or making sure that devices are being used appropriately, their involvement is more important than ever. The Lightspeed Parent Portal™ enhances communication by allowing guardians visibility of their child’s internet activity at home to keep them safe, focused, and observing healthy screen time allowances. 

Lightspeed Systems® is a committed ally to schools around the world.

Once we moved to Lightspeed Filter, we started saving hours a week, every week, and the difference was immediately obvious. The filter blocks sites only when necessary, and we’ve definitely seen a performance increase from the students.

John Lenhart

Dallastown Area School District
Systems Administrator


Cloud-based web filtering protection, simplified SSL decryption, easy setup (with no hardware).  

Comprehensive filter

From 20 years of web crawling, the most comprehensive and accurate analysis and reporting on web activity, typed content, and multimedia across the web - including YouTube, Google search, online docs, and social media.

Adaptive AI database

The most mature and complete database in the industry leveraging human review by data scientists and machine learning to block inappropriate, new, and unknown sites and allow access to valuable, educational materials.

Easy SSL decryption

Provide multi-OS SSL decryption without the need to configure proxies, PACs, or trust certificates. Lightspeed agents put the power of a filter inside each device.

Granular YouTube controls

SmartPlay takes control of YouTube. Allow educational videos and block inappropriate content, thumbnails and time-wasters—in just a click.

On and off campus

Flexible policies let you ensure safety, CIPA compliance, and policy enforcement on networked and mobile devices—on and off-campus.

Dynamic reports

Get high-level data on device use or detailed, granular reports on individual students. Lightspeed offers the most powerful, actionable, and shareable reports.

Powerful Features

Protect your students across the web, wherever they're learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Lightspeed Filter compatible on all operating systems (OS)?

    Lightspeed Filter uses proprietary Smart Agents compatible on Chrome, Windows, Mac (compatible with the latest Mac OS update: Big Sur), and iOS operating systems.

  • Can I use Lightspeed Filter to block and allow YouTube videos?

    Lightspeed Smart Play uses advanced machine-learning AI – with a database that grows daily – for advanced filtering capabilities on YouTube. No matter where students are located, Smart Play allows and blocks embedded video content around the internet to ensure only appropriate content is being shown. Smart Play is available to Lightspeed Filter users, and offers detailed reporting and control options for educators.

  • Can parents have access to their students’ online activity reports with Lightspeed Filter?

    Lightspeed Parent Portal includes Weekly Parent Report emails to improve communication between the school and the students’ home. Lightspeed Filter customers can invite parents to view their child’s internet activity, straight to their inbox. Lightspeed Parent Portal empowers a students’ family to get involved in their education without extra work for IT teams.

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