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Purpose-built for managing devices off- and on-site, Lightspeed MDM helps school IT administrators to securely manage devices, applications, and policies with real-time visibility and reporting.

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Essential MDM for Hybrid Learning Environments

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Enterprise-level built for education

Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™ equips school IT leaders with a centralised, cloud-based solution for infinitely scalable device, application, and policy controls. Ensure safe and secure management of student learning resources with real-time visibility and reporting essential for effective distance learning.

Optimise technology resources

Lightspeed MDM™ makes app management intuitive and flexible with remote configuration and deployment by school, year group, classroom, and student without handling devices.  Lessen the workload on the IT team with the Self-Service App Library where teachers and students can access and install approved curriculum and learning tools.  

High-level visibility and policy controls

Lightspeed Systems® empowers school technology teams with a hierarchical device management platform for tier-based admin permissions and visibility. IT teams can remotely deploy, change, and revoke hundreds of policies without handling any devices, while reducing typical downtime and costs.

Protect your technology investment

Lightspeed MDM is critical for loss prevention and reducing liability. Track in real time student mobile devices, including iPads, for fast recovery of lost or stolen equipment. Remote controls allow IT to lock machines from a distance, reset passwords, and restrict access to prevent data breaches and security violations.  As an Apple Certified Partner, Lightspeed MDM provides real-time geo-tracking for iOS environments.

Simple, over-the-air device and resource management for effective distance learning.


Simplified, multi-OS device management. Comprehensive UI with powerful controls within an intuitive interface.

Powerful Integration

Integrate with Apple and Windows programmes: DEP, App Store, Managed Distribution, Business Store Portal, Defender, Apple Classroom, iBooks, AirPlay, and more.

App Management

Push apps and manage app inventory from anywhere. Let users access approved apps. Easily recover and reassign apps.

Self-Service App Portal

Reduce workload of IT staff and allow students and staff to find and download approved apps. Add apps to the Self-service Portal by group, year, school, and more.

Policy Restrictions

Remotely set hundreds of policies and restrictions across every device and OS to control everything including Wi-Fi, cameras and OS updates over the air.

Timed Policies

Start and end policies at specific days and times. Lock devices to a single app or for extended periods, like school holidays.

Powerful Features

Lightspeed Systems® is a committed ally to schools around the world.

Some of our programs require a unique set of apps, and we don’t want students to be able to install apps on their own. [Lightspeed MDM] allows us to push the apps we need to groups of iPads, without the need to touch each one

Damian Estrada

The de Ferrers Academy,
Assistant Principal – Learning Technologies & Curriculum

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St. Joseph Catholic School uses Lightspeed Filter™ and Lightspeed MDM™ to protect their students.

ensure safe and effective online learning

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