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Empower parents as partners in their students' learning

Family involvement in education is more crucial now than it has ever been. With Lightspeed Parent Portal and Weekly Parent Report emails, you can improve communication between school and home and empower parents and guardians to help keep students safe online. With added visibility into internet activity and browsing controls, Lightspeed Filter™ customers can invite parents to be partners in their child’s education and online safety.

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Enhance home-school communication without added work for IT

Research shows that effective home-school communication can improve educational outcomes. Lightspeed Systems® makes it easy to share key information with parents, without adding extra work or hassles for IT. With Lightspeed Parent Portal™ and Weekly Parent Reports, parents can easily stay informed about their students’ web activity and play a key role in continued engagement and online safety.

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Keep parents informed

Reporting capabilities from Lightspeed Systems extend from IT all the way to parents at home. Enabling Weekly Parent Reports in Lightspeed Filter™ keeps parents informed with a summary of their child’s web activity, straight to their inbox. 

Easy list controls for IT

You get to decide whether you implement Weekly Parent Reports, and for whom. Just upload a simple file from your SIS to send reports to all parents or a select group.

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Lightspeed Systems® – Leader in Online School Safety Software – Launches Portal Giving Parents an Inside Look at Student’s Online Activity

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Provide web activity insight

With the Lightspeed Parent Portal within Lightspeed Filter™, parents can view their child’s internet activity any time to make sure they’re safe and focused on learning.

Establish healthy screen time limits

Lightspeed Parent Portal helps parents establish healthy screen time limits with controls to pause web browsing on their child’s device while at home and outside of school hours for 1 hour, 3 hours, or overnight.

10 Major Threats to Student Online Safety

In this webinar, Detective Rich Wistocki discusses easy, actionable solutions for districts to implement to keep their students safe online without hindering performance and accessibility.

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Complete visibility into student online learning

Prevent suicides, cyberbullying, and violence

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