3 Reasons to Choose Lightspeed Systems

Because it’s the only solution that does everything you need

We took a best-of-breed approach to each component – and then put them together for a complete platform that does everything you need to keep your 1:1 safe and managed.

Other solutions let you do some of the things that matter for your 1:1, or do it for some operating systems. Only Lightspeed lets you Filter, Manage, Monitor, Protect, and Analyze across operating systems, on and off network for a truly comprehensive platform.

Allow or block sites and apps, control device policies and web access, monitor and report on all activity; get everyone the information and controls they need, from the classroom to the IT office – only Lightspeed brings it all together.

The complete Lightspeed platform:

Saves you time
A single place to go to manage everything anytime, anywhere

Saves you money
One line item in your budget (and no hardware)

Gives a holistic view
Reports combine all activity and analytics for your 1:1 in a single spot

Because each component is the best solution available

A platform is great, but you can’t settle for fewer features or inferior technology just to consolidate solutions. Fortunately, each Lightspeed component gives you the most powerful technology and the best available solution.

Our filter is the market leader and for a good reason: we’ve listened to you for twenty years and built the smartest technology that solves the toughest filtering challenges.

End-to-End Protection

Other solutions filter some devices, some browsers, some of the time. Lightspeed covers every OS as well as BYOD, and IoT traffic; it filters and reports on traffic across every browser and every OS; it filters school devices on the school network, at home for distance learning, or anywhere devices are used–all with one solution.

SSL simplified

Other solutions require hardware or complicated set-up for SSL decryption across OSes. Our Smart Agents take care of the work of SSL decryption so you just enjoy the granular policies and reports. A trusted MITM proxy, PAC management, and certificate management are built right in so you get the benefits without the management hassles.

YouTube solved

Other solutions rely on inaccurate and unsafe native YouTube categories. Our proprietary Smart Play technology makes it easy to allow educational videos and block inappropriate content and time-wasters—in just a click.


High level dashboards with visual charts that you can share in a click. Built-in reports on each individual user. Parent reports. Out-of-the-box YouTube and social media reports. Lightspeed has every report you need, from overviews to details, right out of the box.

Our database

Other solutions have limited and inaccurate databases. Built over two decades, with AI and humans and robots and tens of thousands of school customers, Lightspeed’s dynamic database categorizes more sites that any other solution, uses education-focused granular categories, and evolves daily. This means you can easily block unknown sites without risk of overblocking; you can rest assured of CIPA compliance; you don’t need to waste time on recategorizations; and your reporting accurately reflects the categories of sites your users are visiting.

Most MDM solutions are built for enterprise; those built for schools are focus-built for single OSes or minimal features. Lightspeed Manage was built for schools, but also built for powerful management. It gives you every feature you need, for every OS, to manage devices, apps, and policies for your 1:1 in a simple, time-saving interface.


With most MDM solutions, delivering apps and managing policies from the district to the school to the user is complicated. Lightspeed Manage was built based on school hierarchies, so it’s easy to set policies, ensure appropriate controls, and delegate administration to different levels of your organization.

Simplified UI

Managing your devices and apps shouldn’t be a complex, time-consuming process. Lightspeed Manage’s simplified UI gives you powerful controls with an easier and intuitive interface.


Some MDMs only cover some of your devices. Like everything with Lightspeed, Lightspeed Manage simplifies management of devices by bringing all OSes together in a single solution.

Our classroom monitoring solution takes traditional classroom management and flips the script – so instead of managing technology teachers are able to teach, and leverage technology without losing instructional time. Keep an eye on class activity, see student screens, share resources, lock devices, and lots more, all in a simplified time-saving UI.


While other solutions have delays that leave teachers frustrated, Lightspeed Monitor provides real-time insights, screen views, and controls to maximize class time or monitor distance learning.


Lightspeed Monitor works across Chrome, Mac and Windows so no matter your 1:1 OS, your teachers can benefit from powerful insights and controls.


Our advanced AI alerts teachers to unusual activity they need to look into, rather than requiring them to constantly view and interpret a dashboard of screens.

It just works

Other classroom management solutions lead to teachers struggling to make it work effectively or to set up classrooms and users. With Lightspeed Monitor and its advanced SIS sync, it just works and instructional time is restored.

Included with Lightspeed Filter! Our advanced AI takes all your users’ web activity and app activity, and analyzes it for inappropriate or concerning activity that could indicate self-harm, suicide, or school violence. Get the right information to the right people at the right time to proactively protect your school.

More sites

Some solutions only analyze activity in a limited set of sites. Lightspeed works across social media, online docs, online mail, YouTube, apps, browsers, search engines and more so you don’t miss critical alerts.

Smarter AI

Our advanced AI gets you the information you need to look into without the false positives and missed activity common in other solutions.

Better information

Because of our comprehensive database and advanced AI, we know what sites and activities are concerning better than anyone. This means you get better insights not just into typed content but also repeated attempts to visit illicit blocked sites.

Powerful delegation

Protecting students takes a village–and Lightspeed makes it easy to delegate. Set alerts and notifications based on school or class or user, so guidance counselors, safety officers, IT, administrators, teachers and more are part of the solution.

Plus – It’s included with our filtering solution at no additional cost.

Analytics powered by Lightspeed pulls together all the usage information for devices, apps, applications, and online resources into a single, actionable dashboard. Drive ROI, adoption, compliance and effectiveness.

Drive Adoption

Pinpoint groups or users with low adoption of key resources to target training and professional development efforts.

Maximize ROI

Identify used and unused licenses and their associated costs for all resources, by school and group.

Maintain Compliance

Spot out-of-compliance or rogue applications used in the classroom or for remote learning that could present privacy or data security concerns.

Because we are truly committed to schools

Lightspeed Systems has been serving schools for more than two decades – and that commitment comes across not just in our solutions but also in everything we do and every decision we make.

Data privacy

Our commitment to student data privacy is unrivaled. We’re early signers of the Student Privacy Pledge; we’re GDPR compliant across solutions and company policies; our solutions are hosted in the secure AWS cloud; and (unlike other providers) we never outsource development or services to contractors.


We’re here to help whenever you need it, however you need it. From online chat and documentation and training to live expert phone support, our commitment to schools means we’re committed to getting you help and answers fast so you can get back to all your other critical tasks.

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