Who’s Winning the Device Wars? Here’s Our Take

The device wars are heating up in education. On Tuesday, Apple announced its new iPad, complete with Apple Pencil support and a special discount for schools. Almost simultaneously, Acer announced its first Chrome OS tablet. Recent reports show that Microsoft devices are on the rise in education, too.

There are many ed-tech solution providers making bets on who will win, developing software exclusive to specific operating systems, like Chrome OS and iOS.

With that said, schools have different needs and different budgets. But it’s not about what device or operating system is best; it’s about what schools do with them. Any devices can be powerful learning tools.

Most schools and districts don’t put all their eggs in one basket when buying devices; they invest in several types to fulfill a variety of purposes and meet the needs of all grade levels.
That’s why Lightspeed develops solutions for every device and operating system. If your district has a 1:1 or BYOD, we can help. If your devices run on Chrome, Windows, iOS, Mac OS or all of the above, we have products to filter, manage and monitor them.

Devices and operating systems wax and wane in popularity, but no matter what your district’s device strategy, you can count on Lightspeed to support you.

Are you a customer? Is your district buying new devices or device types? Contact your sales rep to ensure all new devices are protected and easily managed from day one.

Not a customer? Get a demo of our multi-OS filtering, management and monitoring solution: our award-winning web filter, Lightspeed Filter; our simple MDM: Lightspeed Mobile Device Manager; or our new classroom management solution: Lightspeed Classroom Management.

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