3 Ways Lightspeed’s Classroom Stands Out in K-12 Ed-Tech

Classroom learning and device tech are evolving faster than ever. Now, it’s essential to empower teachers with advanced tools and solutions to monitor class activity and keep students engaged.

Lightspeed Classroom Management, now available for Chrome OS, represents a step up from current device monitoring tools by effectively measuring student productivity with machine learning.

Artificial intelligence isn’t the only thing that makes Classroom stand out. Here’s what sets Classroom apart from other classroom management solutions, according to our friends and partners at Amplified IT.

1. It promotes student self-regulation. 

Through Classroom, students have the ability to report their statuses — “need help,” “working” or “done” — to their teachers. This gives students a discreet way of letting teachers know if they’re stuck, which is perfect for students who are hesitant about raising their hands.

2. It gives teachers flexibility in viewing student activity. 

Other solutions allow teachers to track student progress by giving them views of student screens. With Classroom, teachers have much more flexibility; they can view student activity via a heat map or sort students into lists based on their self-reported statuses. This allows teachers to easily assess which students are on track and which students may need assistance.

3. It allows teachers to easily identify outliers. 

Insights allow teachers to quickly pinpoint which students have unusual browsing activity. If a teacher wants to know more about any unusual activity, he can dive in with just a click to see any student’s screen in real time — no delays whatsoever.

New features are constantly coming to Classroom: Support for Mac devices is coming next week, with support for Windows coming in June. Plus, teacher and student screen broadcasting is now in beta release! We’ve made it even easier for teachers to share their screens and for students to have opportunities to lead class discussions.

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