Remote Learning with Lightspeed Classroom Management™

Teachers around the world are implementing remote learning amid the Coronavirus pandemic and school closures.

Students can become distracted even when sitting in a classroom with a teacher in front of them. When learning is remote, the potential for distraction is even higher. Lightspeed Classroom Management™ has the remote classroom management features to keep students focused on lessons, to share your digital resources, and to engage students.

Some ideas for using Lightspeed Classroom Management™ in your remote classes:

1. Create a video of your lecture, post it in an allowed YouTube channel, and use Classroom’s Send Link feature to share it with class.

2. Devote a portion of each class to student journaling. Use Web Rules to lock class into Google Docs or another online document tool for dedicated, distraction-free writing.

3. Pair Lightspeed Classroom Management with a video conferencing tool like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Make sure students are watching you, not exploring the Web, with the Lightspeed Classroom Management live list view that monitors what site each student is on.

4. Replace your classroom projector with the teacher broadcast. Broadcast your teacher screen to all students so they can follow along with your lesson.

5. Create a digital assignments with your LMS or Google Classroom. Send Link to share it with students, then ask them to work on it during remote class time and use Lightspeed Classroom Management’s screen viewing and tab controls to keep students on focus.

6. Check in on students as they work through lessons using the messaging feature.

7. Keep students engaged by allowing them to present. Use Share Screen to share a student screen with the rest of the class.

8. Allow students to connect and work in small groups using multiple Google Hangouts, then keep an eye on activity to make sure they’re contributing and involved by monitoring screens using Lightspeed Classroom Management.

9. When you see a student who needs some intervention to stay on track during remote classes, use Record to record their screen to have a conversation with them or to share with parents or administrators.

10. Assign and manage online quizzes. Use Send Link to open the online quiz in a new tab for every student; use Web Rules to prevent browsing; and keep an eye on the live list view or all-class screen view to make sure students stay on task.

Lightspeed Classroom Management is the perfect way to share links to get all students to lessons, videos, live streams, and more from the other solutions you’re using AND to monitor and manage so sure students stay focused.

These are unprecedented times and this is new for everyone. Recognize that just like you, your students are figuring out how to make remote learning work. They’ll need help staying on track. Engage, monitor, and refocus remote learners with Lightspeed Classroom Management.

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