Chromebooks set to dominate Education.

The latest numbers show that Chrome OS is soon to be one of the top operating systems used in the education market across Europe.

But it’s one thing to purchase these devices for your staff and students — you need to know all of the pros and cons to Chromebooks, and determine how you will manage, monitor, filter them, plus how to maximise your ROI on your deployment with device geolocation.

In this informative whitepaper, you’ll learn:
-Reasons why education is turning to Chromebooks (and why you’re probably looking at them, too!)
-Key challenges with Chromebooks in education
-How to overcome those challenges with smart solutions
-How to find a solution that works for IT and teachers

Throughout the resource, we reveal key insights that IT needs to successfully deploy a Chromebook environment and real quotes from your peers on how they are managing their Chromebook devices.

Use this helpful guide to determine if Chromebooks are right for your unique needs, get the buy-in you need to secure the budget you need to refresh your devices, and understand how Lightspeed Systems can assist you with all of the challenges that come with device management and filtering in your school.

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