Lightspeed Systems Releases Next-Generation Classroom Management Technology

March 15, 2018

New device monitoring system Classroom uses a proprietary algorithm to alert teachers of unusual student browsing behaviour.

AUSTIN, TX. — Lightspeed Systems, the leading education technology provider for schools, released a new student classroom management product today. Lightspeed Systems Classroom is a cloud-based software solution that uses a revolutionary technology to alert teachers when students are browsing off-task on classroom devices.


Lightspeed Systems Classroom gives teachers insights into unusual student browsing behaviour.


Most classroom management solutions give teachers views of classroom device activity to, in theory, help them pinpoint students who are distracted or falling behind. In practice, teachers struggle to track the activity of 30 students at a time and monitoring all those screens keeps teachers tied to their desks and devices.

Classroom — included at no additional charge with the Lightspeed Systems Relay web filtering solution, and available for purchase as a standalone product — revolutionises the traditional model of classroom management by using a proprietary algorithm to identify students with unusual browsing activity (i.e., those who are distracted or falling behind). Teachers receive notifications of that unusual behaviour, freeing them from their desks so they can focus on other tasks.

In addition to receiving unusual browsing alerts, Classroom gives teachers the power to:
• Receive status updates from students (“need help,” “working,” or “done”)
• See aggregate views of student browsing activity and status
• View student screens in real time, pull browsing histories and record device activity
• Send quick messages (e.g., “Are you done?” and “Need help?”) and receive replies from students
• Lock device screens and send content links
• Limit student web access to a website or group of websites for the class period and release students when they change their status to “done”

The cloud-based, multi-OS Relay eliminates the need for multiple systems to filter, monitor and manage school devices with features for granular user activity reporting; content filtering, including SSL sites, with flexible policies; real-time suspicious activity alerts; and geolocation for lost and stolen devices.

Relay gives the ability to filter any device OS by deploying Lightspeed Systems Smart Agents. It also features simple SSL filtering; a Parent Report Generator; and Smart Play, a YouTube management feature powered by machine learning.

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Lightspeed Systems Announces Threat Check, New School Safety Solution

February 28, 2018

Threat Check combines critical online activity insights with real-world information to help schools identify threats and high-risk students so they can react to help ensure school safety.

AUSTIN, TX. — Today, Lightspeed Systems announced a new element to its Relay student safety and filtering solution: Threat Check. Threat Check provides schools with information that can help identify high-risk behaviours and prevent school violence, self-harm, bullying, and more.

Lightspeed Systems Threat Check helps schools identify high-risk student behaviours and prevent school violence

Using advanced machine-learning technology, Lightspeed Systems’ data science department has processed and curated data to build multiple, proprietary models of students’ typical online behaviour specific to several differentiating attributes, including age and geographic location.

Through its web filtering solutions, Lightspeed Systems has a vast and unique trove of data about the typical online activities of students. This includes web browsing activity; social media interests and posts; online communities to which students belong; searched phrases; minutes spent online; time of day of peak web activity; and more.

Threat Check combines that online activity analysis with other data points: School personnel can flag high-risk students and input offline activity such as violence, threatening speech, or bringing a weapon to school. This synthesised insight gives schools a more holistic picture of potential threats, as well as indicators of when high-risk students are escalating toward violence.

“Especially now, we’re all looking for ways to make sure our children are safe,” shares Brian Thomas, President and CEO of Lightspeed Systems. “Lightspeed Systems has been committed to helping schools keep their students safe online for 20 years. We believe the technology we’ve developed and the data we’ve curated in that time can now be used to do even more: to keep students safe offline as well. By partnering with school communities, we can provide another critical component to school safety, which is our greatest mission.”

With actionable information in the form of easy-to-consume and easy-to-share trend reports, risk scores, timelines, and real-time alerts, Threat Check arms schools with the information and tools they need to keep their students safe. Alerts and reports can be shared with school staff, safety personnel, law enforcement, parents and more so appropriate action can be taken in real time.

Threat Check will be available to all Lightspeed Systems Relay customers in April 2018.

Lightspeed Systems Filtering/Monitoring Solution Relay Now Available for All Operating Systems

January 24, 2018

Education technology company Lightspeed Systems releases Relay 2.0, a major update of the school IT software solution that brings safe, easily managed filtering to every major device OS.

LONDON, ENGLAND, U.K. — Today, at the 2018 BETT show at ExCel London, ed-tech solution provider Lightspeed Systems announced Relay 2.0, a major new release of the filtering/monitoring solution Relay that offers real-time safety and hassle-free filtering for every device. While version 1 of Relay is compatible with only the Google Chrome OS operating system, the game-changing Relay 2.0 uses smart agents to make filtering for every OS easier and smarter.

The cloud-based Relay 2.0 eliminates the need for multiple systems to filter, monitor and manage all those devices with features for granular user activity reporting; content filtering, including social media and SSL sites, with flexible policies; real-time suspicious activity alerts; and geolocation for lost and stolen devices. And all of these tools are available in a single, streamlined UI.

Relay 2.0’s innovative design gives the ability to filter and monitor any device OS by deploying Lightspeed Systems Smart Agents. Version 2 also includes features such as:
• Simple SSL filtering — filter SSL sites like Google and YouTube without having to use proxies, PAC files or trust certificates
• Parent Report Generator — upload a simple CSV file of parent email addresses to automate the delivery of student device activity reports to their parents’ inboxes
• Lockouts — lock students out of internet access if they attempt to access too many blocked sites in succession
• Smart Play — the game-changing YouTube management feature that allows students to access more than 40 million educational videos (and none of the bad stuff)

“In less than a year, Relay has made hundreds of thousands of school Chromebooks safer, more effective devices for learning,” says Lightspeed Systems President and CEO Brian Thomas. “Now that schools can use Relay 2.0 to filter and monitor any device, we’ll be able to help exponentially more schools ensure their one-to-one initiatives are appropriate for student use and worth the investment.”

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Lightspeed Systems Solution Makes 40 Million Safe YouTube Videos Available for Schools

January 21, 2018

Lightspeed Systems Smart Play opens access to an education-friendly database of video content while blocking inappropriate videos.

AUSTIN, TX. —Lightspeed Systems Smart Play — an innovative new tool to ease YouTube video streaming in schools — achieved a milestone today when its database grew to 40 million educational videos. Launched in summer 2017, Smart Play is a proprietary technology from education technology company Lightspeed Systems that opens educationally valuable YouTube videos to students while protecting them from explicit, inappropriate content.

Founded in 1999, Lightspeed Systems has been trusted by thousands of schools around the world to make student devices safe, filtered and easily managed. Recognising that YouTube presents many educational opportunities for students as well as many unsafe videos, Lightspeed Systems developed Smart Play as a feature to the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter and Lightspeed Systems Relay.

Smart Play utilises machine-learning technology and artificial intelligence to analyse video content and make an unrivalled selection of educational videos available to students. Graphic and inappropriate videos — as well as thumbnails of those videos— are blocked by the solution. Best of all, IT administrators using Web Filter or Relay can enable this revolutionary new tool with just one click in the solution’s interface.

At the time of launch in June 2017, Smart Play’s database included 26 million videos. Its database has expanded to 40 million videos — a growth of almost 54 percent in seven months — thanks to Lightspeed’s innovative proprietary technology. Each day, Smart Play’s database will continue to grow by hundreds of thousands of new videos that are appropriate for student consumption.

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Lightspeed Systems Solution Lets School IT Departments Share Student Device Activity With Parents

January 10, 2018

A new feature in Lightspeed Systems Relay gives parents crucial information on how and when their kids are spending time online.

AUSTIN, TX. — Education technology company Lightspeed Systems announced the release of Parent Report Generator, new to Lightspeed Systems Relay. This new feature gives school IT personnel the power to customise and automate the delivery of student web activity reports to students’ parents.

A sample report from new Parent Report Generator in Lightspeed Systems Relay

Due to the increasing presence of one-to-one and BYOD device initiatives in schools, students are online more than ever. Relay’s Parent Report Generator allows parents to engage in students’ digital learning and ensure they’re using devices appropriately before, during and after school.

With a simple and secure CSV upload of email addresses to Lightspeed Systems Relay, Parent Report Generator lets school IT departments automate the delivery of student activity reports to their parents’ email inboxes. Parent Reports give a snapshot of crucial metrics on each student’s internet activity, including:

• Most frequent search queries
• Most frequently visited websites (including blocked sites), and how much time they spent on each site
• Device usage by time of day (e.g., before school, during school, after school, and late night)
• Device usage by day of week
• Device usage compared to average peer’s usage

Relay by Lightspeed Systems is a comprehensive solution designed to make school use of mobile devices safe and easily managed. The all-in-one, cloud-based solution maximises return on investment of school Chromebooks with simple tools for filtering, protecting, geolocating and reporting on the devices.

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CIOReview Selects Lightspeed Systems as Most Promising K-12 Technology Solution Provider

November 15, 2017

AUSTIN, TX. — Ed-tech solution provider Lightspeed Systems is featured as the November cover story for CIOReview Magazine’s Top 20 Most Promising K-12 Technology Solution Providers this year.

The latest issue of CIOReview K-12 highlights the innovations Lightspeed Systems has brought to 1:1 device management and web filtering in K-12.

Sharing their stories of success, Lightspeed Systems customers Wilson County Public Schools and Glenns Ferry School District reveal how their mobile learning programs have been transformed through the tools and resources available to support K-12 from Lightspeed Systems.

Lightspeed Systems has changed the way schools are able to manage their Chrome deployments with Relay — combining granular filtering controls, powerful reports, real-time alerts, device geolocation plus classroom management tools.

Going beyond Chromebooks, Lightspeed powers learning with solutions to manage and filter iPads, Macbooks and Windows devices. Lightspeed Systems is solving the unique problems of K12 schools with innovative solutions like Filter Bypass Controls and Smart Play, the easiest way to allow education-appropriate YouTube access for K-12. Backed by decades of expertise and the most comprehensive K-12 machine-learning web categorisation database, these innovations set Lightspeed Systems ahead of the pack for K-12 filtering and mobile device management.

New releases and updates are on the horizon, making Lightspeed Systems the #1 choice for the most advanced technology solutions now and in the years to come for K-12.

“We will soon be rolling out the next version of Relay which will take everything we’ve done and multiply it: more powerful filtering and reporting anytime, anywhere, on any device; better features that empower educators to take learning to new heights; and new reporting models that let everyone make smarter student-focused decisions,” said Lightspeed Systems President & CEO Brian Thomas.

To read the cover page story, head to CIOReview:

Lightspeed Systems Announces New Solution to Block Content Filter Bypass Tools in Schools

September 12, 2017

Filter Bypass Controls, new to Lightspeed Systems Web Filter, prevents dangerous student web behaviour by detecting use of Psiphon, UltraSurf, Hotspot Shield and more.

AUSTIN, TX. — Education technology solution provider Lightspeed Systems has introduced a crucial new feature to its award-winning school content filter for protecting students online. Filter Bypass Controls, now available in Lightspeed Systems Web Filter version 3.4, gives school IT departments the power to ban and report on the use of web filtering bypass tools.

School content filters teach students how to use the internet safely and identify dangerous behaviour by alerting school administrators and IT employees of misuse. Student users have turned to filter bypass clients such as Psiphon, UltraSurf, Hotspot Shield, VYPR and more in an effort to get around their school filters. Filter Bypass Controls is a proprietary, AI-powered technology that tracks traffic associated with filter bypass clients, blocks them and adapts to changes in these dangerous technologies. This feature builds upon the Lightspeed System’s Web Filter’s Multilayered Bypass Protection, a series of features that integrate to prevent student access to security-risk sites including unknown URLs and peer-to-peer traffic.

Filter Bypass Controls lets school IT departments:
• Ban filter bypass clients with a single click in the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter interface
• Receive real-time alerts when use of bypass tools is detected
• Report on any user attempts to bypass the filter
• Lock out users who attempt to bypass the filter for a time period ranging from 1 to 60 minutes.

“Filter bypass tools have become increasingly organised and sophisticated and they give students the ability to get around filtering to access adult content, hacking sites and other dangerous material,” says Lightspeed Systems President and CEO Brian Thomas. “This Web Filter feature takes only a second to implement and makes the web a significantly safer place for students to learn and explore.”

This powerful technology is available today in the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter. To learn more, request a demo, or receive a quote, visit

Lightspeed Systems Introduces Innovative Solution for After-School Student Device Use

August 2, 2017

After-School Rules, a new feature inside the Chromebook solution Relay for Chrome, allows schools to adjust after-school and off-site mobile filtering policies with ease.

AUSTIN, TX. — Today, ed-tech solution provider Lightspeed Systems released After-School Rules, a major new feature inside Lightspeed’s Chromebook filtering/monitoring solution, Relay for Chrome. After-School Rules lets IT professionals customise student Chromebook access after school and off site, giving schools complete control of student devices wherever they go.

After-School Rules— which can be enabled with just one click in the Relay for Chrome cloud-based interface — makes it easy to loosen or restrict student access to the Internet when students are at home and out of classes. With this innovative feature, IT admins can granularly customise the after-school, off-site device experience for all groups of users on their networks. For instance, schools can choose to turn off mobile filtering and reporting for all school-owned devices; ease restrictions on social media, gaming and other websites that are blocked when school is in session; or close internet access for primary school students while leaving it open for secondary school students.

“Lightspeed Systems customers know that mobile learning doesn’t have to end when the final bell rings,” says Lightspeed Systems CEO and President Brian Thomas. “Students are more excited about learning on their devices when they have the time, space and freedom to safely explore them out of the classroom. After-School Rules gives schools the power to tailor appropriate after-school access for every student / year group.”

To learn more about Lightspeed Systems Relay for Chrome and After-School Rules, visit

Lightspeed Systems Releases Game-Changing Feature for Safe YouTube Streaming in Schools

July 26, 2017

Smart Play, new to the company’s content filtering solutions for schools, leverages machine learning to make appropriate online video access possible for students.

Ensuring students have access to appropriate online video content is one of the top IT challenges schools face today. Giving students unrestricted access to sites like YouTube makes unsafe content available however, blocking all access to these sites limits valuable educational opportunities. Although solutions for this issue exist, they have been difficult and time-consuming for schools to implement.

Smart Play — available within Lightspeed Systems’ Web Filter and Chromebook filtering/monitoring solution Relay for Chrome — utilises machine-learning technology to analyse video content and make an unrivalled selection of educational videos available to students. At the time of launch, Smart Play’s database included more than 26 million videos, and hundreds of thousands of videos will be added to this total each day. IT administrators using Web Filter or Relay for Chrome can enable this revolutionary new tool with just one click in the solution’s interface.

“When we speak to school IT professionals around the world, they almost always ask us what they can do to make YouTube content safe and available to students,” says Lightspeed Systems President and CEO Brian Thomas. “Until recently, all the options at their disposal gave students too much access or not enough. With Smart Play, IT departments can expose their students to millions of learning opportunities at the click of a button while blocking videos that don’t belong in schools.”

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Lightspeed Systems Upgrades Leading Education Web Filter With Powerful New Features

April 4, 2017

Lightspeed Systems Web Filter 3: Longhorn is packed with features to enhance user identification, reporting, student safety and more.

AUSTIN, TX. — Lightspeed Systems has announced the release of Web Filter 3: Longhorn, a new version of the market leader for content filtering in schools. The upgrade offers new features to ease user identification, activity reporting and safe web browsing as well as hundreds of other enhancements.

Lightspeed Systems Web Filter 3: Longhorn dashboard

Lightspeed Systems Web Filter 3: Longhorn dashboard

Lightspeed Systems Web Filter 3: Longhorn was designed specifically for use in schools. With a reputation for robust filtering without over-blocking, the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter has been the content filter of choice for schools around the world since 1999. Web Filter 3: Longhorn’s new features include:

  • An AI-driven database: Filter users with the most comprehensive and accurate database in the industry, powered by a machine-learning robot army.
  • A dynamic reporting engine: Get comprehensive, drill-down, live and custom web activity reporting with detailed visibility into Google searches and YouTube video activity.
  • Continuous user identification: Identify users across networks — even if they switch devices — for accurate reporting and policy application.
  • Flexible deployment: Host in the cloud, on scalable appliances, or in a private cloud.
  • Customisable safe searching: Decrypt SSL for in-depth visibility into search activity; enforce Bing SafeSearch, Google Safe Search, and Moderate Restricted or Strict Restricted YouTube access.

“As we developed Web Filter 3: Longhorn, we talked to hundreds of leaders in school IT about their biggest filtering challenges right now, incorporating their feedback into the product,” says Lightspeed Systems President and Chief Executive Officer Brian Thomas. “This upgrade offers all the features schools need to efficiently filter all devices in today’s schools.”

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